David Irvine’s Outlandishly Fun Re-directed Paintings


Thrift store paintings, while pretty to look at, are not really what comes to mind when you think of interesting artwork. Toronto-based artist David Irvine, however, is changing all that by taking these bland thrift store paintings and “Re-direct” them by adding your favorite characters from pop culture.

According to Irvine, thrift store paintings always had a soft spot in his heart. “There’s a certain nostalgia to them and I really like the old-style frames,” he says. “You just don’t see these in department stores any more.”

Irvine used buy these cheap paintings to paint over and reuse as blank canvases, then one day started painting on the pictures themselves. Over the years, he has “Re-directed” hundreds of paintings, adding out-of-place characters like Chewbacca or He-Man into idyllic, rural scenes. Check out more of his outlandishly fun re-directed paintings below. Enjoy!

1. A Summer Place

A summer place.

2. Afternoon Skate

Afternoon skate

3. Approaching The Finch Line

Approaching the Finch line