How To Deal When Social Media Becomes Too Much


So, it’s almost midnight and you’re exhausted, yet you find yourself casually scrolling through your Instagram feed, eyes glued, unable to stop.  Why?  Why do we get so obsessed with something that means nothing?  Why do we feel the need to put our best selves out there while we sit, in isolation, waiting for likes and comments.  It’s pathetic, really.  But we’re all addicted.  So, what can you do when you’ve had too much? Here’s how to deal when social media becomes too much.

1. Put your phone down

The first step is getting that phone out of your hands.  Turn it off or go put it in another room.  Leave it alone.  Don’t look at it for as long as you can handle.


2. Stop comparing

Comparison is the thief of joy, right?  Well, then why do you compare yourself to every other girl out there on IG?  People have both good and bad things come into their lives at different times.  So what if you don’t make as much money as someone else or have a house yet.  So what if your friends are all married and you’re not.  So what.  Stop comparing!


3. Delete people who bug you

Do you have that one friend who always posts controversial opinions and then argues with every person who comments.  Or maybe it’s someone whose life is just a little bit too perfect.  You know what, delete ’em.  Trust me, you’re better off. You won’t miss them.


4. Who are these people anyway?

When you start getting all irritated about why you don’t have more followers, likes, or comments–remember– who are these people?  Do you actually know them?  Do you even really like them?  If most of them are people you went to high school or college with and now have no relationship except for being mutual friends, why do you care if they like you or not?  phone4

5. Have conversations with people without pulling out your phone

Talk to people in real life and have long, meaningful conversations without whipping out a phone to ‘check something.’


6. View sparingly

When you’re bombarded by all the stuff (good and bad) going on in other people’s lives, you can get a little bit lost.  It’s easy to feel small and unimportant.  So, take a break.  When you have to look, look sparingly and set a timer so you can’t get stuck.


7. Distorted reality

People mostly post the great things about their lives, leaving you with a distorted reality.  You may think that girl is perfect, goes on perfect vacations and has perfect hair– but the truth is, she’s really unhappy with her life.


8. Is your happiness based on yourself or others?

When you get obsessed with FB posts and Instagram, you start to lose sight of the things that actually make you happy.  Don’t’ do that.  Do stuff that makes you happy– it’s as simple as that.


9. Don’t be superficial with your friends

If someone is truly your friend, you don’t show it by Instagram posts, likes and comments…you show it by spending time with them!  So, don’t get caught up in the fakeness of friendships on social media.


10. Are you distracted from the moment?

Remember that time you saw that spectacular sunset after a long hike, but all you could think about was how you had a get a great pic so you could post it online?  Or when you’re relaxing on vacation…except really you’re trying so hard to look awesome and relaxed…and you really don’t feel relaxed at all.  Don’t let social media distract you from special moments. 


11. Are you making your life too public?

You really don’t need to post every single thing about your life online.  It’s will all stay there…and it could even come back to haunt you.  Censor your life…and when in doubt, don’t post it.


12. Go explore

Remember– there’s an entire planet out there beyond the tiny screen of your smartphone just waiting for you.  Instead of sitting idly by, why not go roam and find yourself?


13. Let go of the past

Is social media forcing you to hold on to relationships or friendships gone sour?  Stop stalking that guy you went out with one time who never called you back— honestly, WHO CARES what he’s doing or who he’s with.  If he did find you awesome enough, you didn’t deserve him in the first place.


14. You’re wasting time

Scrolling through your Facebook feed might be something you do for a few moments in your downtime…that could quickly turn into several hours (yikes).  It’s sucking your life away from you.  PUT IT DOWN.


15. If you’re feeling annoyed…

Just do like Elsa from Frozen.  “Let it go…let it go…can’t hold it back anymore…let it go…”  Just release yourself from your prison of annoyance and move forward with your life.  No need to be irritated for no reason at all!