Dear World: Powerful Portraits of The Boston Marathon Survivors


It was almost a year after the Boston Marathon Bombing that photographer Robert X. Fogarty came up with the idea of photographing the survivors and first responders at the finish line a year after the tragic event. But instead of the usual portrait photography, Fogarty asked the survivors before photographing them to write some inspirational messages on their skin or whatever it is they want to say to the world. He named the project “Dear World”.

“These survivors show us what it means to keep moving forward,” Fogarty said. “And I’m honored and humbled that many of them said that the “Dear World” experience has been another component to their healing.” Here are 30 of those moving portraits.

1. “Boston Marathon, Always in My Heart”

Always in My Heart

2. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

Can't Stop Won't Stop

3. “Even Stronger”

Even Stronger