Discontinued Snacks That Need To Be Brought Back


So much of our life revolves around food.  It’s one of the first things we think about when we wake up in the morning, it hits us again around midday and dinner is our most beloved meal of all, not to mention the snacks that fill in the gaps in between.  But, tragically, some snacks were taken from us too soon.  They went the way of all the earth…and now we’re hoping they come back…because they were delicious and we miss them! Here are 15 discontinued snacks that need to be brought back.

1. Lifesaver Holes

We have no clue why these happy little guys disappeared, but one thing begs the question…what happens to the tiny centers of Lifesaver candies? snack1

2. Doritos 3D

These air-filled chips were simply ahead of their time.  They were released in the mid-2000’s and then discontinued just a few years later– but seem to have a huge following of people who want them back.