Discover The Strange Subliminal Message Hidden In The Disney Movies For Years


We’ve already showed you that the folks at Disney and Pixar are total masters of inserting secret and subliminal messages into their movies, known as the famous “easter eggs”, but there is still one hidden message that they’ve kept discreet for years in the majority of their movies. The A-113 code (pronounced A1-13) has appeared in several movies, and Disney even posted a video on their official YouTube that showed us the number appearing in their movies, particularly those created by Pixar Studios. Examples of the movies in which the mysterious number combination is featured are “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo”, two of the most popular. Here’s a selection of the movies where the subliminal message has appeared… and at the end, we’ll finally tell you what it means. Enjoy!

 #1 Monsters University (2013)

A-113 was the number on the door when Sully enters the Monsters University for the very first time.