Disney Facts That Will Make You Feel Really Really Old


We love Disney so much.  In fact, if you’ were a 90’s kid, then you grew up with those VHS movies on repeat at home all the time.  Disney just gives us all the good feels–it helps us remember the good times in our childhood and brings back cherished memories.  It’s all good and well until we realize just how much time has passed since some of our favorite Disney milestones.  What is happening in life? Here are Disney facts that will make you feel really really old.

1. Christina Aguilera sang “Reflection,” for Mulan in June 1998

That was 17 years ago folks…17 years! Some of us used to sing that song with a hairbrush to our mirror back in the day and pretend we could hit the high notes like Christina. 


2. Riley from Inside Out wasn’t even born yet when Monster’s Inc. came out

She turns 12 at the end of the movie and Monster’s Inc. came out in 2001. That means she’s going to be one confused little girl when she watches Monster’s University. 

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