When Your Disney Inspired Cake Goes Horribly Wrong


We already showed you folks the 30 best cakes for children’s birthday parties, but today, we’re about to prove to you that unfortunately not everyone knows how to prepare a good cake. Sometimes, the result isn’t always like we expected, and it’s even more difficult when the kids want a birthday cake inspired by their favorite superheroes and characters – this always seems to take lots of skill to achieve. Here is a hilarious selection of the worst cakes based on Disney characters that went horribly wrong. What do you think Walt Disney would say about these, guys?! Enjoy!

#1 The Beauty And The Cake

The only thing that could make us believe this cake was inspired by the Disney movie “The Beauty And The Beast” is the color of the dress and the hair. Note the weird face of Belle – she almost looks like an alien!


#2 Cinderella

Seems like Cinderella had a terrible problem with her skin, which is probably why she looks so scared and embarrassed. What on Earth will this poor little girl think when she’s faced with this horrific version of Cinderella on her birthday?! Oh, dear.


#3 Mickey, Is That You?!

We think that even when Mickey was just a draft in the hands of Disney’s cartoonists, he didn’t look half as bad as he does in the terrible cake below. What an absolute mess!


#4 WTF?!

We know that this horrible cake below is based on the faces of some of the most famous Disney princesses, but how do we know that for real?! After all, they don’t exactly look like Disney princesses!


#5 The Little Mermaid

Here’s a good example showing us how not to do a cake based on the infamous Disney princess, Ariel, from “The Little Mermaid”. Without this picture beside the actual cake, it would be pretty impossible to figure out what it actually is!


#6 Fuck The Police?!

If someone has a good explanation for this bizarre caption written at the top of the cake, please write it in the comments… because we sure can’t think of anything at all. Perhaps the employee was about to quit and wanted to make his mark before he did.


#7 Cars

Thank God the character Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie “Cars” is not so complex, so any sh*t in red and eyes on the windshield will make us think about him instantly. Easy peasy!


#8 Tinkerbell

Who remembers the lovely little fairy in the movie “Peter Pan”?! Yep, it’s Tinkerbell in the picture below… only she’s 40 years older, and has suffered with major drug abuse for the last few years. Let us pray for her!


#9 Frozen

This cake is simply so bad that we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the person responsible for this used glass to simulate ice on the cake. If this was at a little girl’s birthday party, we’re pretty sure the day would end very badly indeed.


#10 Tinkerbell, Part II

Here’s another sad picture of our lovely fairy, Tinkerbell. She used to be so beautiful and slim in the Disney movie, but these days she’s looking a little on the chubby side. She definitely hasn’t aged well – that one’s for sure!


#11 The Three Princesses

Here’s Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel in a way that we’ve never seen them before – drag queen style! We just hope the poor little girl who got this cake for her birthday didn’t have any nightmares that night. We feel for you, kid, we really do!


#12 Hannah Montana

This cake is probably more bizarre and strange than the real Miley Cyrus. The intention was good, but we can’t imagine this cake on the table at a birthday party without someone pointing and laughing.


#13 Buzz Lightyear

Here’s exactly how to make your little son traumatized forever after his birthday party. All you need to do is bake a cake inspired by his favorite “Toy Story” character looking exactly like this. Poor, poor kid!


#14 Minnie

After the tragic Mickey that we saw above, it’s now time to check out this crazy version of Minnie Mouse. Well, I guess this just goes to show the infamous couple really were made for each other.


#15 Rapunzel

This cake below based on the Disney princess Rapunzel is not so bad, but just check out this fake hair spread all over the cake. It definitely gives us a bad feeling about the actual quality of the cake!


#16 Ariel

Here’s another really bizarre cake inspired by Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, and once again, she looks disastrous. We hope the poor little girl didn’t cry for her entire birthday party over this! It’s not worth it, honey.


#17 Olaf From Frozen

Here’s the most famous snowman of the cinema, Olaf, in a pretty bizarre version. Um, yeah… sorry but we think we’ll pass.


#18 Princess Castle

You’ve probably already heard about the crazy subliminal messages in some of the Disney movies, and this cake below was probably inspired by some of them. Do you have any doubt that this cake caused a bit of a stir at the birthday party?!