What Disney Princesses Would Be Like As Mothers


If you grew up with Disney princess movies, then you already know how most of these girls had to overcome huge obstacles to find true love or chase their dreams.  Now, we’d like to see how our princess gals are doing after marrying their princes and becoming moms.  We’re sure that the upbringing of their little ones will be a far cry from the difficulties that these Disney moms had to face.  Here’s what Disney Princesses would be like as mothers.

1. Disney moms

Honestly, we think Disney should just do another round of movies, after the girls have grown up and had some little ones.


2. Mulan

Ah!  Can’t you just picture Mulan as the coolest mom around?  She would be the one outside with her kids all day, running in the grass and teaching them martial arts and how to shoot a bow.  She would also help Li Shang with the army sometimes too–because that is what good working moms do!

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