Watch What Happens When Dogs Shake Themselves Dry


Watch what happens in slow motion when dogs shake themselves dry. Photographer Carli Davidson has expanded her original series, titled Shake, to feature about 100 little puppies wiggling their tiny heads and bodies in an effort to dry themselves. In her new series, named Shake Puppies, Davidson captures their flying ears and goofy eyes with precision.  Here you’ll see some of both the puppies and the big dogs. You’ll never believe some of the faces they make.

1. Shake those jowls

This lovable bulldog really lets loose and lets his jowls and ears fly free, and, as you can see, the water droplets are just coming off of him like crazy. He looks like the sweetest alien we’ve ever seen.


2. Playful puppies

These tiny pit bull puppies jump and sway as they try to get dry.  The two little friends helps each other to get the water off their backs.  We’ll volunteer to take these little cuties home!