Dumb Things Teen Girls Do All In The Name Of Summer


Teenage girls just want to have fun…especially in the summer time.  Freed from school and rules, they run wild and free, sometimes making some stupid decisions.  Here are 15 dumb things teen girls do all in the name of summer.

1. Using Nair

It might sting like crazy and hardly work at all…but you’ve always wanted to know if that silky-smooth feeling is as real as the commercials claim.


2. Lay out and get sunburned

It is every teen girls’ rite of passage to lie out in the sun (probably wearing baby oil all over) and get totally fried.  She’ll claim that it will all turn into tan...but we know the truth.


3. Use homemade face masks

Using items from your kitchen like mayo, avocado, lemon, oil, baking soda, and bananas…she’ll concoct a mask the likes of which you’ve never before smelled or seen. It is a sight to behold.


4. Get up the guts to text all the cute boys in school because you know you won’t have to see them at school

Hey, school’s out and a little shameless flirting can only lead to something good or nothing at all.


5. Put lemon in their hair for natural highlights….

Or, if they’re desperate for bright orange hair, they’ll use Sun-In.  It’s summer, after all.


6. Cut up a pair of old jeans into ugly too-short shorts

Why throw out some old jeans when you can make them into something else!


7. Babysit for extra money

You think this will be a great (and easy) way to earn some money….that is, until you show up and the kids are total monsters and you’re waiting for the parents to come home every second of the night.


8. Going to late-night movies and then sleeping in the next day

Oh the joys of being out of school and able to do whatever you want!


9. Henna tattoos for the win

Your mom can’t freak out because it’s not a real tattoo but it looks just as cool as a real one.


10. Trying to get away with wearing bathing suits as clothing

The more often I wear my bikini out in public, the better.


11. Too much bronzer

This stuff makes my face look tan and gives me a subtle glow.  I’ll dump all of it on my face at once.


12. Smuggling sips of alcohol

It’s the only way to make those hot summer months even the least bit bearable.


13. Stalking a summer crush

Because it’s the only way to see him…and hope he bumps into you…in your bikini.


14. Getting lost in a book and ending up in tears when something sad happens

I never read as much as I do when I’m out of school…ironic.


15. Sleepovers as often as possible with your best friends

Because all the best stories happen when you’re pretending to sleep over at a friend’s house.