How To Earn Money While At Home


Nowadays, especially with the prevalence of the Internet in our daily lives, there are so many ways to earn money while at home.  You just need to know exactly where to look.  We will show you some jobs you can actually work around your schedule, giving you the ability to earn extra money on your downtime.  Read on and start raking in the cash (Make sure to also balance it with savings, however.  Also check out this post on easy-to-follow tips for saving money)!

#1 Writing

There are many websites out there looking for part-time writers.  For example, pays people to write reviews for parks, concerts, shops, restaurants in their neighborhood.  Also check out ProBlogger—it lists sites that will pay writers who are semi-professional.


#2 Testing Products

If you like trying out new products, give your input to companies who will reward you with free stuff, discounts, and the like.  Become a product tester by checking out SheSpeaks and Crowdtap.

Testing Products

#3 Selling Your Art

If you are on the artistic side, get some money on the side.  Try Etsy, a virtual marketplace that crafters all over the world sell their products.  Café Press also gives you the ability to design and sell your very own graphic printables.  If you are a graphic artist, create a website and showcase your work so probable clients can contact you.  Who knows, your work might be so good, it could be part of a major art gallery (Did you know that a lot of art galleries have been victims of thievery?  Read about the world’s most famous art heists here.)!

Selling Your Art

#4 Running A Day-Care Center

If you like kids, then you may want to run a day-care center at home.  But this is a serious undertaking because you have to keep in mind the health and safety of the children, teach lessons, prepare food, and plan artistic things to do.  Also, you have to consider if you have enough space, staff, and start-up money.

Running A Day-Care Center

#5 Evaluating Health Cases

#6 Hosting Product Parties

#7 Selling Your Photographs

#8 Virtually Assisting

If you are organized and love being so (we’re sure you’d love these pictures that are just sheer perfection), try being a virtual assistant.  Most business owners are able to save money by contracting independent workers for tasks such as scheduling, transcription, and data entry from their home office.

Virtually Assisting

#9 Transcribing

There are medial records and histories, referral letters, and the like that begin as audio files.  You can choose to transcribe these words into written files.You just need to listen closely, type great, know grammar well, and experienced in medical terminology.  Get in touch with the doctor’s offices in your neighborhood or even sign with an agency at Medical Transcription Jobs and Resumes.

#10 Being A Customer Service Agent

There are many businesses that hire recruits to work from home as customer service agents.  If you want to make your own schedule, this could be for you.  Check out sites like LiveOps.

Being A Customer Service Agent

#11 Selling Old Stuff

When cleaning up, get some extra money for your effort by selling items you no longer need.  You can sell on eBay, even Amazon.

Selling Old Stuff

#12 Researching Answers To Random Questions

If you are curious by nature, there are websites that will pay you for information.  Case in point, ChaCha pays $3 to $9 each hour while you research answers to random questions.  If you are more of an expert, you can answer people’s questions on LivePerson.

Researching Answers To Random Questions

#13 Maintaining A Company’s Books

If you are good with finances, you can maintain and keep a company’s books.  All small businesses need a great bookkeeper.  Besides having a strong knowledge of math, you need to know how to use cloud-based accounting software.  You can advertise your services on free websites for freelancers and independent contractors on Elance and oDesk.

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#14 Judging

You can sit on mock juries for companies.  This will allow lawyers and other jury consultants to receive case feedback.  Check out eJury and


#15 Tutoring

If you have a university degree and can teach students science, math, English, etc., you can become an online tutor.  Check out  Just make sure you have the tools such as Skype and other web interface tools.