Easy Things Guys Can Do To Look Better


Guys, we don’t expect you to get pedicures or wax your eyebrows all the time, but a little bit of grooming can help you out a lot.  We want to see you clean, with fresh clothes and presentable-looking.  We want to present you to our friends and family without fear of them judging us.  It’s just the honest truth.  So, put some time into your hygiene and everything will be so much better. Here are 15 easy things guys can do to look better.

1. Personal hygiene goes a long way

Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, taking a shower and cleaning your clothes can do a lot for first impressions and girls who might want to get to know you better.  Just saying…


2. Mustaches…they’re not that cool

If your mustache is curling down around your mouth, that’s not cool, it’s gross so just get rid of it. Unless you’re Tom Selleck.