Embarrassing Girls And Their Hilarious Photoshop Fails


In a world that’s becoming more fake by the day, it’s no surprise that millions of women across the world are getting seriously envious about others on social media, and hating their own bodies as a result. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other social media websites are making their users go crazy for likes, with everyone aiming for the most likes possible on their pictures. So, if they don’t like their bodies or appearance in general, they have two options: either spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery of some sort, or invest in the digital miracle that is Photoshop. If you choose the latter, just make sure you know how to use it properly. Some girls have tried, and failed miserably. Here’s a special and funny selection of totally embarrassing but hilarious Photoshop fails. Enjoy!

#1 Uneven Pavement


#2 Super Slim Waist