Embarrassing Sunburn Marks That Will Make You Laugh Like Hell


Summer is definitely the best season in the whole year, right? It’s the ideal time to relax, wear light and airy clothing, travel to new places, and have awesome pool parties with friends. Plus, enjoying a few days of the scorching sun is a must. However, this can quickly turn into a living nightmare if you don’t protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays… which is what we’re about to show you guys. Here is a special selection of some hilarious sunburn marks and tan lines, all of which are guaranteed to make you laugh like hell. Enjoy!

#1 The Prank

This guy clearly doesn’t care at all, but it’s pretty obvious that his nice friends put him in this awful situation. Now it’s time to wait for these funny sunburn marks to disappear. Sorry, Dude, but you may be waiting a while…