Embarrassing Sunburn Marks That Will Make You Laugh Like Hell


Summer is definitely the best season in the whole year, right? It’s the ideal time to relax, wear light and airy clothing, travel to new places, and have awesome pool parties with friends. Plus, enjoying a few days of the scorching sun is a must. However, this can quickly turn into a living nightmare if you don’t protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays… which is what we’re about to show you guys. Here is a special selection of some hilarious sunburn marks and tan lines, all of which are guaranteed to make you laugh like hell. Enjoy!

#1 The Prank

This guy clearly doesn’t care at all, but it’s pretty obvious that his nice friends put him in this awful situation. Now it’s time to wait for these funny sunburn marks to disappear. Sorry, Dude, but you may be waiting a while…


#2 Take Off The Hat

Summer is awesome, but you need to follow some golden rules if you don’t want to be stuck with weird sunburn marks on your body. Rule number one: take off your hat if you’re planning on spending the whole day in the sun. Otherwise, you might be stuck with this…


#3 Take Off Your Shirt

Another golden rule for summer is to take off your shirt when you stay out in the sun, especially if you’re a redhead and prone to sunburn. Otherwise, you’re gonna be stuck with bizarre sunburn like this poor creature below. That’s gotta hurt!


#4 Take Off Your Glasses

We know that it’s impossible to stay in the sun without a good pair of sunglasses sometimes, but if you don’t remove them every once in a while, you’re gonna end up like this unlucky guy below. Beware, folks!


#5 Choose Your Clothes Correctly

Some girls are not used to spending all day out in the sun, which may bring a few nasty surprises the day after. That’s exactly why you should always choose your clothes correctly!


#6 Swimming Costumes

Girls, be really careful when opting for a swimming costume, because the sun will leave you with some pretty weird marks. Take this chick below…


#7 WTF?!

It’s the same for guys, too! Once you decide to spend all day out in the sun, it’s wise to choose your clothes correctly. Otherwise…


#8 Playing With Sun Screen

A lot of fellas love to play around with sun screen and make “sun tattoos” on their skin. Yeah, it might be funny, but you’re gonna need a good few days to wait around before they start to fade.


#9 White Marks

Once you decide to stay in the sun for the whole day, you need to take some measures and precautions to avoid awful tan lines, like the ones below.


#10 Oops!

Girls, you don’t need to use the same bikini for the whole weekend, but always try to use the same style of bikini, otherwise you’re gonna end up just like Rachel Bilson in the pictures below. Oops!


#11 Double Colors

If you decided to lay down and ‘soak up the sun’, make sure your whole body is within the sun’s reach, and not half of it in a shadow. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the red & white look going on, like the guy below. Oh, dear…


#12 Why, Dude?!

Sure, your friends will find you hilarious if you pull a stunt like the guy below, but just be prepared to have these embarrassing marks for a really, really long time. Are you up for the challenge?!


#13 Noooooo!

No, guys! This is definitely not nice, at all. You may think it’s funny, but it will be a nightmare to sleep with your legs looking and feeling like two giant red peppers. All we can do is wish you luck!


#14 Burn, Baby, Burn

Another golden rule in summer is to lather yourself in Factor 50 if you’re prone to sunburn. Clearly, the guy below didn’t follow that rule, and went ahead and barbecued himself instead. Well done!


#15 No Selfies

We know selfies are everywhere, and everyone wants to share their summer pictures, but trust us, no one wants to see your weird tan lines.


#16 Oh Dear…

This has happened to the best of us. This poor girl thought she’d eat her breakfast outside and head inside after to apply sun screen. But, she fell asleep with the bowl and spoon on her lap, and ended up with this beast of a sun burn.


#17 Super Sun

Yeah guys, the Super Sun can actually be pretty nasty for pale and delicate skin, but for now, that doesn’t matter! Let us take a moment to salute (and laugh at) the guy below.


#18 Hilarious!

She doesn’t exactly look like she cares all that much, but clearly people are taking note of her tan lines. Don’t do it, girls!