Embarrassing Things Kids Do To Their Parents


Kids can be so embarrassing. Teenagers complain that their parents are always embarrassing them but really they probably did things that absolutely mortified their parents when they were young.  Here are some of the more embarrassing things kids do to their parents.

1. Figuring out how to open the bathroom lock when mom is peeing in public

Kids love to try to pick locks and open doors.  However, it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time, doesn’t it?  Of course that door swung right open.


2. When you run into an acquaintance whose name you can’t remember and your kid loudly asks you their name

You stand there stammering and trying to shush them or come up with something while the other person slowly realizes that you don’t remember their name…


3. When your kid blows out the candles on a birthday cake that isn’t theirs

You’ve tried to tell him not to do that.  But he never listens.  


4. When your little one gives themselves an impromptu haircut for the first time

You just shrug when people ask about all the tiny spiky pieces in your 4-year-old’s hair.


5. You take your kid to see Santa and he pees on him

Santa doesn’t like pee.  Looks like your little girl is totally getting coal for Christmas…and some extra pull-ups.


6. Your usually well-behaved toddler draws on the couch at your friend’s house

Your friend is understanding but still kinda mad and you’re just over there apologizing over and over.


7. Your little one found out the truth about the tooth fairy and then blabbed to all her friends

Let’s just say, their parents were not impressed with your parenting skills.


8. Your kid picked his friend’s nose in preschool

I mean, it’s one thing for them to pick their own noses…but friends?  Now, that’s just gross.


9. Your kid screamed as loud as she possibly could after you told her to be quieter at the library

You got to do the walk of shame out of the library with a kicking screaming toddler flung over your shoulder.

Blond Boy Crying
Blond Boy Crying

10. Your Facebook status got changed to aeoij;aj;alskjfl;ij;lsiehj;tuehtriohkcvnaorietj after you accidentally left it open on your phone

People totally understand that your phone got hacked but just wait until your kid writes ‘poopies’ in as your status.


11. Your 6-year-old tells people that you were arrested…but all that happened was you got a speeding ticket

People start looking at you with shock and you’re like, really, that’s not what happened…


12. You walk outside to find your 4-year-old showing off her panties to the neighborhood kids

Oh jeez…at least she kept her panties on this time, right?


13. Your kid got a present for his birthday and loudly protested that he didn’t like it

So much for teaching him about gratitude.  Your kids need to learn to say thank you before anything else.


14. Your toddler thinks it’s funny to blow her nose on your shirt every chance she gets

You just love walking around with snot bubbles on your clothes.

baby crying, upset mother, messy room

15. Your toddler ate messy food and then smeared it all over your clothes

This always happens either right before you leave for work or on a lunch break so you have to see other people and you are so embarrassed.