The Enchanting Underwater Pictures of Enric Adrian Gener


Is there anything as beautiful as the tranquil sea?

In this post, we are going to show you the enchanting underwater pictures of Enric Adrian Gener, AKA 27MM. As a native of the Balearic Islands, the freelance designer manages to capture the mystical quality of the ocean with surreal and contemplative images.

Born in the Menorca island in the Mediterranean Sea, Gener grew up loving the sea. “My photography is just the result of what I like to do. Which basically consists of looking at the world a couple of meters below the sea surface,” Gener says. “If you do something with love and passion, it’s easy to convey your feelings and in my case, the language is photography. I like my work to convey the feeling of being at sea, from the tranquillity you feel being deep to the chaos of fighting the waves”

Check out this selection of beautiful underwater pictures by photographer Enric Adrian Gener, aka 27mm. Enjoy!

1. 3 de Agosto

3 de Agosto

2. A I M A R


3. Adrift