These Extraordinary Pencil Tip Sculptures Are Unbelievable


The Russian artist Salavat Fidai is responsible for a very unusual and difficult kind of art. Fidai uses the tips of pencils to create tiny sculptures, using only a craft knife, a magnifying glass, and a hell of a lot of creativity to put his gift into practice. Fidai spends hours on creating the simplest sculptures, and days to come up with the most complex ones. He’s a perfectionist, which is precisely why the tips of pencils are his chosen subjects to create various sculptures, many of which are pop culture characters. Here is a special selection of some of the most extraordinary pencil tip sculptures created by this talented artist. Enjoy!

#1 Freedom

The raised fist symbol represents the unity and solidarity, generally with oppressed people, and the color of the fist can be associated with black nationalism and sometimes socialism – all represented on a tiny pencil tip sculpture. Amazing!


#2 Bart Simpson

“The Simpsons” is probably the most well known TV series in the whole world. On air since 1987, this funny family is loved by millions of fans worldwide, and that’s precisely why Fidai decided to homage Bart Simpson in this amazing tiny sculpture.


#3 Skull & Cobra

This incredible sculpture created by Fidai was inspired by a work of Lee Chien Chu, another notorious artist from Taiwan who also makes sculptures using pencil tips.


#4 Yoda

Now it’s time to make all the geeks in the world go crazy for this infamous character below, the legend master Yoda from “Star Wars”, perfectly represented in tiny formation by this talented artist.


#5 Rango

“Rango” is a 2011 American computer-animated film directed by Gore Verbinski, which tells the story of the chameleon, Rango. The unique character was voiced by Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. And now, here’s his tiny sculpture. Perfect!


#6 Spock – Star Trek

Here’s another fantastic and realistic sculpture so full of detail, made to pay homage to the incredible actor who passed away this year – Leonard Nimoy. He was well known for playing Spock in the sci-fi series, “Star Trek”.


#7 Alas, Poor Yorick!

Yorick is a character in the infamous William Shakespeare play, “Hamlet”. The sight of Yorick’s skull evokes a monologue from Prince Hamlet on mortality that begins with the line “Alas, poor Yorick”, who is beautifully represented in this unique sculpture.


#8 The Key To The Coffins

This incredible miniature carved onto a pencil tip is called “the key to the coffins” and was designed for a special order from the store “Fatal Clothing”. It’s very dark art, but it’s simply awesome!


#9 The Eagle

And how about this amazingly realistic eagle carved into the tip of a pencil? It’s definitely impressive how Fidai knows how to do such incredible artwork. Like they say, talent doesn’t come to all of us…


#10 Darth Vader

As we can see, Fidai seems to be a big fan of “Star Wars” – here’s yet another of the movie franchise’s infamous characters carved into a pencil tip. Yep, it’s the evil master of dark forces, Darth Vader.


#11 Wall-E

This is probably one of the best sculptures created by Fidai, purely because he overcomes the sheer difficulties of creating lots of intricate little details on a pencil tip. One thing’s for sure: we definitely couldn’t do it…


#12 Batman

Now it’s time to make the “Batman” fans go crazy with this amazing sculpture inspired by the dark knight. What do you think, folks? Think Mr Bruce Wayne would spend millions on this? Something is telling us that he would.


#13 The Peace Sign

Here’s one of the biggest symbols of the hippie movement of the 70’s, the index and middle fingers raised to indicate “peace”. It’s still quite commonly used today, and we love the way he’s carved it perfectly into a pencil tip. Unbelievable.


#14 Spraypaint Can

Here is yet another amazing sculpture carved into a pencil that really goes into great detail. It symbolizes the everyday art we see on the street – graffiti.


#15 The Skull

And what do you guys make of this other hand carved skull sculpture? It’s so impressive to see the way this talented Russian artist expresses himself through such intricate and delicate details.


#16 Lock And Key

No Photoshop, no magic – just an amazing and unusual talent who transforms pencil tips into incredible masterpieces.


#17 A Man In A Black Hat

On his Instagram account, Fidai explained that this awesome sculpture is simply “a man in a black hat”… but we can’t help but think that it was inspired by Walter White from “Breaking Bad”. What do you guys think?!


#18 Freeze – The Incredibles

Do you guys remember Freeze, the funny yet freezing character from the Disney-Pixar movie “The Incredibles”? Well, whether you do or not, just check out Fidai’s hand-crafted pencil tip version. Incredible!