These Extraordinary Pencil Tip Sculptures Are Unbelievable


The Russian artist Salavat Fidai is responsible for a very unusual and difficult kind of art. Fidai uses the tips of pencils to create tiny sculptures, using only a craft knife, a magnifying glass, and a hell of a lot of creativity to put his gift into practice. Fidai spends hours on creating the simplest sculptures, and days to come up with the most complex ones. He’s a perfectionist, which is precisely why the tips of pencils are his chosen subjects to create various sculptures, many of which are pop culture characters. Here is a special selection of some of the most extraordinary pencil tip sculptures created by this talented artist. Enjoy!

#1 Freedom

The raised fist symbol represents the unity and solidarity, generally with oppressed people, and the color of the fist can be associated with black nationalism and sometimes socialism – all represented on a tiny pencil tip sculpture. Amazing!