Most Extreme Selfies


If you’ve ever been on Instagram, you surely have got your fill of all of those annoying duckface selfies that are constantly posted. Maybe you’re even sick of looking at annoying pet selfies. Here are 13 of the most extreme selfies ever that will shock you beyond compare!

Skyscraper Selfie

This amazing 19 year old boy climbed to the top of the Princess Tower in Dubai and took this amazing selfie with a friend, showing the city so far below them. This is definitely not something you’d want to do with a fear of heights!


Dreamliner Selfie

This Pilot got a really cool selfie while he was in flight in the new Dreamliner plane. You can see all the clouds and other planes that are flying in the air near him. It was taken with a GoPro camera.


Cute Cheetah Selfie

Here’s a cute selfie you may never expect. This cheetah posed perfectly for the photo and looks happy enough at the Zoo in Australia.


Christ the Redeemer Selfie

This man, visiting Rio De Janeiro, got to climb to the top of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and take this awesome selfie when he got to the top. Many of us will never see the statue in person, so this was a lucky day.


Cliff Jumping Selfie

This girl decided to go cliff jumping and used a selfie stick to snap a selfie mid-jump. It’s a good way to remember the experience, right?


Hong Kong City Selfie

This man climbed to the top of one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong and took this panoramic selfie. You can see all of the buildings as well as a body of water in the background. This isn’t anywhere a person with a fear of heights should be, and the selfie itself may make you a little nauseas.


Skydiving Selfie

This man took this selfie while he was literally dangling out of a plane, about to perform a skydiving jump. Everything about it is terrifying.


Air Show Selfie

This man released a series of flares in a pretty nifty design after diving out of a plane during an air show. He snapped this selfie to remember the moment and capture his art work in the sky!


Bull Run Selfie

Bull runs are common in Mexico and Spain. This participant, however, could not imagine not being able to relive the excitement again and again, so he snapped a selfie in the middle of the action.

Bull Run



Moscow Skyscraper Selfie

This man took the elevator to the top of a skyscraper in Moscow and then scaled the rest of the way to the top of the building to take this crazy scary selfie. He is a well-known photographer who often risks his life in such ways.


Lost at Sea Selfie

This man was caught on a plane that’s engine quit mid-flight. Wearing a life vest and holding onto a floating raft, he took this selfie, where you can see the tail end of the plane sinking in the background.



Out of This World Selfie

Here is a selfie snapped by a NASA astronaut on Christmas Eve in 2013. The selfie was snapped during one of two spacewalks and is one of the coolest selfies ever taken.


Volcano Selfie

This man, descending down the Marum Crater, stopped his return to safety long enough to take this picture. You can see the active volcano in the background and plenty of hot lava. This is definitely the hottest selfie, ever!