Eyebrows: Why They Make A Difference


Most of you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your eyebrows.  They’re up there and they do their thing and occasionally you pluck them to keep them in check, right?  Well…check some of the worst eyebrow jobs we could find.  Read: these looks do not bode well for you face, so, do not try these at home.  Eyebrows: why they make a difference.

1. Pencil brows

So…if you’re going to pencil in your brows, at least give them some kind of shape.  Straight lines generally do not work very well.

pencil brows

 2. The bold brow

While it’s true that a bold brow is in….maybe not quite this bold. This is bold in a whole league of its own.  Step away from the liner, lady.

big brows

3. The tattoo brow

I mean, why have eyebrows when you could have tattoos.  Especially ones that read, “…lauch now, cry later.”  Um, not quite sure what that even means.  Also, his left eye does not have eye shadow— that’s a black eye.  That isn’t helping his charming good looks either.

tattoos instead of brows

 4. Untamed brows

We all have those little hairs that won’t stay put and get a little unruly.  Some brow gel would come in handy now–to take gorgeous Brooke Shields from full brows to wow brows.

untamed brows

5. Mismatched brows

This could be a legitimate problem for some people.  If you’ve got brows that are a bit up and down and all over town, you can tweeze and fill in to get them as close as possible.  Just try to make it so you don’t have a permanent questioning look on your face.

Mismatched brows

6. Square brows

We aren’t exactly sure how you can make such a perfect square shape with your eyebrows.  Apparently, it can happen. But don’t be fooled– this is not a good thing.

Square brows


7. Dotted eye brows

It’s like connect the dots…except she didn’t keep going.

tattoo eyebrows

8. The WTF brow

Your eyebrows are not a work of art, do not doodle on them like a notepad. They need tender loving care and for goodness sakes, they don’t need to be drawn on like that!

over penciled

9. Main tweeze brow

This girl discovered tweezers and quickly became a tweezing addict. She turns them into tiny tadpoles to look permanently surprised all the time.  So, not she’s not really shocked…it’s just the problem that comes with over-tweezing.

tweeze addict

10. The squiggly worms brow

Whoever told this woman it would be a good idea to shave off her actual eyebrows and then draw one squiggly line as a replacement was just sick and twisted. She may have started the job but she sure didn’t end it.  And from the looks of it, she think she is looking pretty good with her super thin eyebrows.


worm eyebrows

11. The too thick brow

Now, I’m pretty sure this girl is actually tinting her eyebrows and they aren’t actually that thick.  But if they were– holy Moses. She’d have some serious tweeze work to do.  If you suffer from eyebrow problems like any of the above, please remember: don’t over pluck, under pluck, draw on too much, draw on too little, make them too dark or light– essentially– stay away from the extremes.  Got it? Good!



tint brows