What Your Facebook Activity Says About Your Personality


We all get irritated when our Facebook feeds clog up with smug couples gloating about their wonderful relationships.  Even worse are those people who feel the need to tell everyone about their strenuous gym sessions or share snaps of their super-healthy lunches.  But new research has revealed that people who post status updates about their romantic partners have low self-esteem – while fitness freaks are big-heads. Here’s what your Facebook activity says about your personality.

1. A psychological study

Psychologists at Brunel University in London surveyed Facebook users to see what their status updates said about them.  Their study of 555 people who completed online surveys measuring the ‘Big Five’ personality traits – extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness – unveiled some surprising results.


2. How what you share reveals how you really feel

While people who boast about their love lives are more insecure, gym-addicts and health nuts are typically narcissists.  The research examined the personality traits and motives that influence the topics people choose to write about in their status updates – something that few studies have explored before.