Famous Celebrities Who Miserably Failed In Their Music Career


The world of showbiz is full of highs and lows, and someone who’s a huge superstar today could be completely broke and bankrupt some day. That’s what happened to the ex-millionaire boxer Mike Tyson, who had to give up his huge mansion in order to pay off his substantial debts. Due to the highs and lows of this kind of lifestyle, some famous actors have attempted a music career as a way to make extra money. Saying that, it’s not only ‘for the money’ that these stars decide to release a single or an album – some of them genuinely believe they have musical talent, and want to showcase this to the world. Unfortunately, most of these records did not reach the charts, and were a huge musical fail. Here is a special selection of famous celebrities who miserably failed in their music career.

#1 Lindsay Lohan


#2 Kevin Costner & Modern West