Famous Places In The World Photographed In Another Amazing Angle


We don’t know about you guys, but we’re getting a little tired of the same style of pictures when it comes to famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Pyramids in Egypt… don’t you agree?! Sure, these wonders of the world are amazing, but we’d love it if we got the chance to see them in a different perspective for a change. That’s why we were delighted when we came across this amazing selection of the most famous spots in the world photographed in rare perspectives. So, are you ready to see them from an entirely new angle? Enjoy!

#1 Great Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Giza is one of the most mysterious monuments in the world. The pyramids are dated from 2560 BC, and most of the pictures shows them surrounded by a desert. However, what you probably didn’t know is that the pyramids aren’t in the middle of nowhere – in fact, they are close to a highly populated area.

AnotherAngle AnotherAngle2

#2 Parthenon, Athens

Another fantastic and ancient monument in the world where most of the pictures shows only the structure of the temple is Parthenon in Athens, Greece. What you probably didn’t see before is the second picture, in which we can see this historical building surrounded by houses and modern buildings.

AnotherAngle3 AnotherAngle4

#3 Arc de Triomphe, France

So, we all know of the beautiful constructions in Paris, France, such as the Eiffel Tower and the stunning Arc de Triomphe, shown below. Did you ever see what it looks like from the top? No? Well, now’s your chance…

AnotherAngle4-1 AnotherAngle4-2

#4 Mount Rushmore National Memorial, USA

One of the greatest masterpieces of the world, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, is surrounded by a beautiful and big green valley all around. Literally in the middle of nowhere!

AnotherAngle4-3 AnotherAngle4-4

#5 Taj Mahal, India

The temple of love, the Taj Mahal, located in India, is well known all around the world because of the beautiful pictures taken from the front. However, when we look at the second picture, taken from a different angle, it’s pretty shocking to see that this expensive temple is surrounded by slums.

AnotherAngle5 AnotherAngle6

#6 Stonehenge, England

And how about the mysterious Stonehenge in England?! You’ve probably seen a picture of this historical monument that’s similar to the first one, but probably not from a higher angle.

AnotherAngle7 AnotherAngle8

#7 Venice, Italy

The beautiful Italian city of Venice is one of the most pleasant and unique places on Earth. It becomes even more unique when we look at the entire city from above. No wonder it has such a high risk of sinking!

AnotherAngle8-1 AnotherAngle8-2

#8 Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum, France

The Mona Lisa is definitely one of the most famous masterpieces in the world, since it attracts millions of tourists each and every year to see it up close for themselves. If you want to see just how popular it is, just take a look at the second picture.

AnotherAngle8-3 AnotherAngle8-4

#9 Great Wall Of China, China

The Great Wall Of China is the only monument made by man that you can literally see from space. So, if you’d like to see how it looks from high above, just check out the second image. Crazy!

AnotherAngle9 AnotherAngle10

#10 Sagrada Família, Barcelona

This is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, and is the symbol of the stunning city of Barcelona, Spain. What you probably didn’t see yet is this fantastic angle shown in the second picture, proving just how much this monument stands out from the rest of Barcelona.

AnotherAngle11 AnotherAngle12

#11 Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the symbols of Germany, located in the capital, Berlin. But, did you ever realize that this famous monument is surrounded by a bunch of other buildings and houses? Check out the second picture.

AnotherAngle13 AnotherAngle14

#12 Niagara Falls, Canada

If you’ve never been to Canada, and only know the famous Niagara Falls from pictures, then you probably didn’t know that this beautiful waterfall is surrounded by an urban area.

AnotherAngle15 AnotherAngle16

#13 Grand Canyon

The amazingly huge Grand Canyon, situated in Arizona, is a natural formation distinguished by its layered bands of red rock, and here’s another angle of this beautiful natural masterpiece.

AnotherAngle17 AnotherAngle18

#14 Santorini, Greece

More than just old temples full of history, the stunning country that is Greece is one of the most amazing destinations to visit in the summer, and Santorini is one of the most perfect destinations there. You’ve probably seen similar pictures to the first one below, but just look at Santorini from a distance. Crazy!

AnotherAngle19 AnotherAngle20

#15 The Forbidden City, China

Another amazing wonder of the world is the beautiful Forbidden City which was the Chinese imperial palace during the Ming dynasty, but looking from another perspective, we can see the huge city of Beijing around.

AnotherAngle21 AnotherAngle22

#16 Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Here’s one of the most famous spots and symbols of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Everyone has seen this majestic monument at least once in their life, but few people have actually seen it from the back. Here’s your chance!

AnotherAngle23 AnotherAngle24

#17 Eiffel Tower, France

The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most well-known monument in the world – after all, it is the symbol of beautiful Paris, France. However, you probably didn’t realize what the Eiffel Tower actually looks like from a short distance.


Paris - Aérea - Arco do Triunfo

#18 The Horizon In Chicago, USA

Here’s one of the most beautiful horizon views of a big metropolis. The sunset in Chicago is famous because of the sun’s alignment against the buildings, but let’s take a look from a further perspective to see more of this amazing scene.

AnotherAngle27 AnotherAngle28