Fashion Trends From The 2000’s That Are Coming Back


It looks like fashion is just one eternal round.  There is no beginning and no end, it just keeps going, leaving and coming back over and over again.  Just when you thought something was really over and you threw all your clothes away, it came right back to haunt you. Here are 15 fashion trends from the 2000’s that are coming back in style.

1. Crop tops

All hail the return of the crop top.  But, unlike this midriff-baring style from a decade ago, crop tops are usually paired with a high-waisted skirt or pants to cover your belly button.  I mean, we’ve got to maintain some semblance of decency around here.


2. Chokers

You remember those black flexible chokers you would stretch around your neck?  Well, chokers are back but more sophisticated this time around.  We love Rihanna’s chiffon choker or Kim’s metal necklace.