Fashion Trends From The 2000’s That Are Coming Back


It looks like fashion is just one eternal round.  There is no beginning and no end, it just keeps going, leaving and coming back over and over again.  Just when you thought something was really over and you threw all your clothes away, it came right back to haunt you. Here are 15 fashion trends from the 2000’s that are coming back in style.

1. Crop tops

All hail the return of the crop top.  But, unlike this midriff-baring style from a decade ago, crop tops are usually paired with a high-waisted skirt or pants to cover your belly button.  I mean, we’ve got to maintain some semblance of decency around here.


2. Chokers

You remember those black flexible chokers you would stretch around your neck?  Well, chokers are back but more sophisticated this time around.  We love Rihanna’s chiffon choker or Kim’s metal necklace.


 3. Corset tops

Corsets that show off curves and give you a flattering shape are in.  Just make sure you’re not spilling out of the top of it, because we just can’t have that.


 4. Name necklaces

This style was most commonly worn by stars like Paris Hilton or Sarah Jessica Parker and it’s back in full force.  Here, Glee star Lea Michele wears a necklace bearing the name of her former boyfriend Cory Monteith who passed away.


 5. Puffer jackets

This trend from years ago is back and better than ever.  You don’t need to look like a marshmallow to stay warm– look for structured and tightly puffed jackets like Rachel Bilson’s.


 6. Mules

These cute slip-on heels with no back are back and we’re pretty happy about it!  These are some really cute shoes for spring!  Just another reason so go shopping, right?


 7. Colorful hair

Years ago, we looked up to stars like Gwen Stefani and Pink for having brightly colored hair– now it would seem as if it’s the norm to have your hair go through all the shades of the rainbow.  Stars like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are known for their colorful and frequently changing locks.


 8. Ripped jeans

Remember those destroyed jeans you bought at Abercrombie ten years ago for way too much money?  Then your mom said you shouldn’t be buying clothes with holes already in them?  Yeah, we do too. Ripped jeans are hot again, but this time, you can do it yourself.


9. Fanny packs or bumbags

Ellie Goulding shows off her street style with a fanny pack.  What better way to get around the city safely and without having to carry a heavy purse, than with a bumbag?  Get one!


10. Bucket hats

Remember these hats you wore boating as a kid?  Well, they’re back!  Go dig yours out because we know you didn’t get rid of it.


 11. Camouflage

Maybe stars are trying to stay out of the limelight, but we see them anyway in their camouflage!  We love camo jackets, pants, and even dresses.  Fun!


 12. Denim on denim

You thought this was a fashion no-no.  Well, it’s not.  If celebrities are doing it, then it’s clearly ok.  Wear your denim pieces together without fear of judgment.


 13. White suits

Remember when the Spice Girls wore all white suits to the Grammy’s once upon a time?  Well, as Zoe Saldana shows us, white suits are back and better than ever.


14. Crimped hair

We know what you’re thinking– crimped hair is soooo ten years ago!  We love this looser, softer crimp that Naya Rivera is rocking on the red carpet.  This is good, this is very good.


 15. Off the shoulder tops

And finally, all those one shoulder or off the shoulder shirts you just threw away…go back to Goodwill and get them because they are back in style.  Shoulders– say hello to spring!