Fashion Trends That Guys Can’t Stand


Men like to see a stylish girl out and about...but there are just some trends that girls love that guys just hate to see.  Are you wondering what styles drive guys crazy (but not in a good way)?  Here are 15 fashion trends that guys can’t stand. Hey, but no matter what these guys may think– you keep wearing what you love, ok!

1. High-waisted anything

Whether it’s pants, skirts, shorts, or even swimsuit bottoms, guys just don’t like this look.  They think you look like a mom from the 80’s. I know, I’m sad too.


2. Peplums

Guys don’t get why this is trendy because to them it just looks like you’re adding bulk to your waist.  They think it makes you thicker than you really are, in a very unattractive way.


3. Patterned leggings

Men don’t like leggings that are in wild colors or crazy patterns.  Whatever happened to just plain black?  They don’t get it.  You look like a wild animal or a person with flowers growing on your thighs.


4. Oversized sweaters

We think men mostly don’t like this look because it covers up those ta-tas that they love so much.  Whatever.  Do your thing, girl.


5. High-low skirts

These high in the front, low in the back skirts are not popular among men.  First, they just don’t like flowy things.  And second, they call them “mullet skirts.” Ew.


6. Floppy hats

While you love a big floppy hat for a day of sight-seeing or at the beach, guys hate these big hats.  They think it covers up your pretty face and hair and you look ridiculous.  Their words–not mine.


7. Open-side shirts

Guys don’t like this look because they can see your bra and clearly you’re being way too forward.  Ugh.


8. Wedge sneakers

Men tell us that heels and kicks should not be combined.  We only slightly agree with this.


9. Super tall high heels

We get it if guys don’t like these because you can’t walk in them or if heels make you taller than them.  Wear heels you feel confident in…but also ones that don’t make you look like a stripper.


10. Pointed-toe shoes

We aren’t sure why guys are so turned off by pointy-toe shoes.  Aren’t they supposed to look super sexy?  Well, whatever.  I guess men just don’t like your footwear.


11. Bandeau bikinis

One guy described this look as ‘making your shoulders look like a linebackers.’  Hmm…that’s definitely not a good look.


12. Pantsuits

Yeah….guys do NOT like pantsuits.  Not at all. Especially masculine-looking ones.


13. Hair bows

They claim hair bows are only acceptable in elementary school.  Rude, I know.


14. Bangles

So, sometimes bangles clang together and can be a little bit annoying.  Yeah, we get that.


15. Beanies

Many guys think beanies look sloppy on girls and makes them think that you didn’t wash you hair.  Umm…duh…that’s why we’re wearing a beanie.