Fashion Trends That Guys Can’t Stand


Men like to see a stylish girl out and about...but there are just some trends that girls love that guys just hate to see.  Are you wondering what styles drive guys crazy (but not in a good way)?  Here are 15 fashion trends that guys can’t stand. Hey, but no matter what these guys may think– you keep wearing what you love, ok!

1. High-waisted anything

Whether it’s pants, skirts, shorts, or even swimsuit bottoms, guys just don’t like this look.  They think you look like a mom from the 80’s. I know, I’m sad too.


2. Peplums

Guys don’t get why this is trendy because to them it just looks like you’re adding bulk to your waist.  They think it makes you thicker than you really are, in a very unattractive way.