Feelings You Go Through When You Have To Move


Moving sucks.  Nobody likes packing up all the crap, realizing just how much useless stuff they have and hauling to a new place, only to have to set it all back out again. Yuck.  We realized that you probably experience a range of emotions when you’re moving–here are some of them.  15 feelings you go through when you have to move.

1. The feeling you get when you sign a new lease or contract

Fear, utter fear.  You’ve practically just signed your life away.


2. You realize how much stuff you have that you never use

What am I going to do with all this crap?  Give it away?  Pack it up?


3. The smell of cardboard will start to invade your home

Beware of the woody smell of cardboard boxes!


4. Going through the process of deciding what furniture to get rid of and what to keep

It’s an arduous task, one that should not be taken lightly.


5. While packing, you get distracted when you find things you thought you lost years ago

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I found this!  It’s been missing for years!”


6. When you get all nostalgic and weepy at leaving your old place

You walk away from it, casting back sad glances and sighs…until you get in your car and drive to your new place.


7. You get instantly giddy by having new blank rooms to set up and decorate all on your own

Because who doesn’t love decorating new spaces?  You should watching some HGTV to get some inspiration…


8. How you feel after spending a whole day moving…

I just want food and I want some peace and quiet while I watch TV.


9. When every new noise makes you jump and run away

“OMG what was that?  What that a mouse?  Or worse, a burglar?  Is this place safe?  Does it have a security system in place?”


10. That annoyed feeling you get when you wake up with the sun because you haven’t installed blinds or curtains yet

#soannoying  Ugh.  This is why I need blackout drapes.  It’s only 6am.  I guess I’ll just start unpacking again.


11. When you sit around waiting for the cable guy all day…

But, of course, he doesn’t show up until the last possible second.


12. When things fit just perfectly in your new room

It’s like it was meant for me.


13. When you accidentally make a hole in the wall hanging photos but just cover it up with a photo anyway

It’s whatever.  I don’t need to worry about that for a while now.



14. The dance you do after you finally finish furnishing a room

It’s only the best feeling ever.


15. And when your mattress arrives and nothing else matters other than the fact that you’re finally home.

Ahhhhhh.  Now doesn’t that feel oh-so-good?  We know it does.