Find Momo! There’s A Dog Version Of Where’s Wally… And It’s Awesome


It started with a simple idea, but Andrew Knapp from Canada managed to get thousands of Instagram followers when he began posting pictures of his pet dog, a border collie named Momo. Knapp is a photographer and illustrator, and grabbed the attention of many when he took photos of Momo hiding in beautiful landscapes and various streets of Canada and the United States. This is where the game began, in which people have to search the stunning photographs for Momo. Let’s just say that it’s the dog version of ‘Where’s Wally’, except with gorgeous, peaceful atmospheres rather than the hectic world of Wally.


According to Andrew, the inspiration for taking the photos of Momo’s adventures are “photography, great great friends, and my awesome dog. This would never have happened without these vital ingredients”. And, it looks like this really was the simple recipe for success, since Knapp now has 290,000 followers on his Instagram account, all because he had a passion. What’s more, he has now released a book with the best pictures of his four-legged companion, naming it “Find Momo”. Here’s a selection of the 22 best pictures. We do hope you enjoy, and good luck finding Momo.


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