Forget About Tinder! Only Photoshop Can Bring You Your Dream Girl


Let’s face it – the Internet, or the “World Wide Web” really does never fail to amuse us, and make us laugh our asses off. For those of you who don’t know, Photoshop is a picture-editing software that is used for pictures in magazines, promotional pictures of celebrities, and a wide variety of other content. Those who know how to use it do a pretty good job indeed at creating awesome-quality photographs. However, there are many people around the world who are convinced that they are total pros on Photoshop, when in fact, they totally suck. Although the Internet does have its benefits, often, it can segregate people from the outside world and seriously affect their ability to find a relationship… and it’s these folks we are about to show you. Check out 30 hilarious pictures in which people have Photoshopped in imaginary girlfriends, thinking they are convincing the entire world that the pictures are genuine. You will laugh so much at some of these!

#1 The Perfect Honeymoon


#2 The Luckiest Guy In The World