Free Things You Can Do Over The Weekend


Weekends are awesome, but between movie watching, dinner outings with friends, it can get hard on the wallet.  If you want to have fun over the weekend but not spend as much, check out these free things you can do over the weekend.  These are definitely to be used with these cheapskate hacks for when we need to be stingy.

#1 Listen to interesting podcasts.

Podcasts are just great—they’re top-of-the-line programs that are free!  Just go to the iTunes’ Podcast section and sample a couple of things you’re interested in.  We guarantee, you’ll be hooked!

Listen to interesting podcasts.

#2 Put together a self-guided walking tour.

Go on a walking tour of the interesting cultural and historic sites in your area.  Just bring lunch in a backpack or even take a picnic at a park.

Put together a self-guided walking tour.