Free Things You Can Do Over The Weekend


Weekends are awesome, but between movie watching, dinner outings with friends, it can get hard on the wallet.  If you want to have fun over the weekend but not spend as much, check out these free things you can do over the weekend.  These are definitely to be used with these cheapskate hacks for when we need to be stingy.

#1 Listen to interesting podcasts.

Podcasts are just great—they’re top-of-the-line programs that are free!  Just go to the iTunes’ Podcast section and sample a couple of things you’re interested in.  We guarantee, you’ll be hooked!

Listen to interesting podcasts.

#2 Put together a self-guided walking tour.

Go on a walking tour of the interesting cultural and historic sites in your area.  Just bring lunch in a backpack or even take a picnic at a park.

Put together a self-guided walking tour.

#3 Play fun board games.

You probably have a bunch of board games at home that you rarely pull out and play.  Try the classic games like Pictionary and Monopoly.  Tons of fun and laughter incoming!

Play fun board games.

#4 Begin a blog with a topic that interests you.

You can sign up for a free blog at Blogger or WordPress.  When you start a blog that interests you, it keeps you busy, helps your writing skills, and even supports other people.  You can even earn some money along the way!

Begin a blog with a topic that interests you.

#5 Visit a zoo or museum for free.

Just research a bit when they do so.  There are actually many attractions that are for free, especially the educational ones.  If you can’t find any schedule online or otherwise, call them and ask when they are free for charge or charge a “pay what you can” admission.

Visit a zoo or museum for free.

#6 Cook meals ahead of time.

If you already have some food staples on hand, cook meals ahead of time that would keep in the refrigerator.  Remember that it’s easy to put together soups, casseroles, pasta, and the like.  This is not only healthier but cheaper!

Cook meals ahead of time.

#7 Learn and do some origami.

Just get some scrap paper and start creating “leaping” frogs and “flying” cranes.  You can then graduate to harder stuff.  These can actually make for some decoration around the house!

Learn and do some origami.

#8 Ask for bill reductions.

Take some time to trim your monthly expenses.  You can call your credit card company and ask for credit card rate deductions, for example.  You can also “analyze” your monthly bills and see what expenses you can eliminate or decrease.  It may seem boring to do this, but you’ll be happy when you save a couple of bucks each month!

Ask for bill reductions.

#9 Create a time capsule.

Search for a small box and look around your home that shows how your current life is.  This can be newspaper or magazine clippings, receipts, photographs, a grocery list, greeting cards, letters, take-out menus, etc.  You could even put in a flash drive with videos or photos that your future self will watch.  Place it in a box, secure it, and write a date outside as to when you can open it (10-15 years from now, for example).  Something your present and future self will enjoy!

Create a time capsule.

#10 Rearrange furniture in a room.

If you move your furniture in new places, you’ll be surprised with how refreshing it looks!  It gives your room a fresh new look and yourself an exercise too!

Rearrange furniture in a room.

#11 Begin a natural collection.

Go out in nature and collect natural items like rocks, feathers, and other things.  No matter what it may be, get out there and see things.

Begin a natural collection.

#12 Deep clean your favorite room.

A great project that will make you feel super accomplished is cleaning your favorite room in your home.  This means going all out—move everything out, scrub the walls, clean the floor thoroughly, etc.

Deep clean your favorite room.

#13 Take a serious nap.

Really.  Most people do not get enough sleep during the weekdays.  Take a serious nap by snoozing for an hour or two.  Your body will thank you for it.

Take a serious nap.

#14 Volunteer.

There are many volunteer projects and movements that need your help.  Become a positive part of society and meet other people in your community.


#15 Blow off some steam by blowing bubbles.

Mix 15 parts water with 1 part liquid dish soap to create your own homemade bubble solution.  Another way to go about this is to mix 3 and 3/4 cups of water with 1/4 cup dish soap.  Afterwards, get a wire coat hanger, bend and twist into a small loop or so.  There you have it!

Blow off some steam by blowing bubbles.Blow off some steam by blowing bubbles.