This French Artist Is Combining Pop Culture Icons With Masterpieces


The French artist and graphic designer Bénédicte Lacroix had the incredible idea to create a very interesting and peculiar kind of art, mixing famous characters from pop culture with historical paintings or ‘masterpieces‘. Lacroix, who also works with digital retouching, knows perfectly how to fit celebrities into the context of old famous masterpieces and make the classics become more fun, and completely different from what we already know. Here is a special selection of 18 famous masterpieces combined with today’s famous celebrities and characters of pop culture. You folks are gonna love this.

#1 Leonardo Dicaprio

Here, the face of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio was combined with the infamous masterpiece “Self Portrait” by the genius Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Surprisingly, they go together very well.


#2 Minion

“The Birth of Venus” is one of the greatest masterpieces which was painted by the talented artist Sandro Botticelli in 1486. It took one year to be finished, but in just a few minutes, a Minion can be inserted into the painting and be made to look like it had been there all along.


#3 Angelina Jolie

Branche de Laurier is the name of this famous masterpiece, painted by William Adolphe Bouguereau in 1900. Now, it features the special participation of one of the most influential women in the entire world, Angelina Jolie. As always, she’s looking pretty damn beautiful.


#4 Yoda

“Admiration” is another amazing masterpiece by the French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and here it is, but with a little bit of modification. Yep – it now features the presence of the master Yoda from “Star Wars”.


#5 Steve Jobs

“The Son Of A Man” is a fantastic masterpiece, painted by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte in 1964. It portrays a man in front of a low wall with a green apple for a face – the perfect scenario to imagine Steve Jobs, right?!


#6 Gollum

The masterpiece “Young Sick Bacchus” painted by the genius artist Caravaggio in 1593 is an early self-portrait of himself, but Bénédicte Lacroix decided to modify this a little, and introduce the sick feature of Gollum from “The Lord Of The Rings”. My precious!


#7 Daft Punk

This amazing and infamous masterpiece named “The Card Players” was painted in 1890 by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne, and it has now been re-imagined with the presence of the DJ’s, Daft Punk. Awesome!


#8 Emma Watson

How about about this modification made by Lacroix to the infamous masterpiece “The White Ribbon”, which was originally painted by Albert Lynch?! We must say that Emma Watson suits the painting perfectly.


#9 Julia Roberts

“Alexandra, Princess of Wales” was painted by the artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter in 1864, but Lacroix had the idea to alter the painting to a modern princess. After lots of thought and consideration, he opted for Julia Roberts.


#10 Mr. Bean

In 1843 the famous French Impressionist painter Gustave Courbet painted “The Desperate Man”, that, almost 200 years later, was modified by Lacroix with the hilarious face of the memorable “Mr. Bean” (Rowan Atkinson).


#11 Jack Nicholson

“Portrait of Louis Alexander Fagan” is a famous 1983 painting by the American artist John Singer Sargent… but what would happen if it had Jack Nicholson’s face? We have to say, it looks pretty fantastic.


#12 Neil Patrick Harris

The French Neoclassical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres painted a self-portrait at age 24. Here it is, but with, uh, Neil Patrick Harris’ face. It looks like he was made for that picture!


#13 Roger Federer

“The Lute Prayer” is one of the most famous paintings by the Dutch Golden Age portrait painter, Franz Hals. In the original art work we can see a musical instrument, but it was substituted for a tennis racket, and Roger Federer’s face. Love it!


#14 Michael Jackson

“Portrait du Peintre Pierre-Narcisse Guérin” by Robert Lefèvre got a little modification with the insertion of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He looks like he belongs there!


#15 Miley Cyrus

The controversial American singer Miley Cyrus was the chosen one to take part in this art modification made by Lacroix in the masterpiece “A Spanish Beauty” by Henri Guillaume Schlesinger.


#16 Ryan Gosling

Check out the Canadian actor Ryan Gosling as the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph. Perhaps, in another life…


#17 The Little Mermaid

The “Birth of Venus” is an 1863 painting by the French artist Alexandre Cabanel. Due to the atmosphere and surroundings, Lacroix decided to insert Ariel, Disney’s “Little Mermaid”. Disney fans will definitely love this one.


#18 Johnny Depp

In 1869, the French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme painted this amazing masterpiece named “Pelt Merchant of Cairo”, that has now been substituted with the face of Johnny Depp. This one is actually pretty funny.