Friend or Foe: Kim Jong-Un As A Pop Icon


Butcher Billy is an artist who clearly has mixed feelings about North Korea’s supreme leader and The Onion’s sexiest man alive for 2012, Kim Jong-Un. In his illustrated series entitled, “Friend or Foe”, the Brazilian illustrator and art director transforms The Glorious Leader into various pop culture heroes and villains. Finally, a series of artworks that finally proves, once and for all, that this cuddly dictator is more than just looking like that fat Asian kid from the movie “Up”.

“It all starts usually with drunk sketches on napkins from sleazy bars.”, said the Curitiba-based Butcher Billy, who describes himself as an “agency art director by day, kamikaze illustrator by night”. “When I happen to find any of those in my pocket, once sober, I use Adobe tools to get things done with it. I’m actually a frustrated graffiti artist, so what I do is to basically try to emulate digitally what those guys would do on walls – adding my own ideas, of course.”

1. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler


2. Apocalypse


3. Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson