With Friends Like This, You Definitely Don’t Need Enemies


Everyone needs a good and loyal friend by their sides – someone they can have fun with, talk to, laugh and cry with, and of course, someone they can trust. Friendship is usually something that takes lots of time to bloom, especially because it’s difficult nowadays to trust people… right?! If you disagree, check out these hilarious GIFs, and you’ll know instantly that we’re totally right. Here is a special selection to show you that, with friends like this, you definitely don’t need enemies. Enjoy!

#1 Go Closer!

This poor guy was trying to find the perfect angle to get the best picture of this wild Cheetah, when suddenly, his very ‘loyal’ friend decided to help him and shorten the distance between the man and the creature. OMG.


#2 Boo!

Here’s a double prank that made this fella leap to the sky and poop in his pants, simultaneously. Luckily, the webcam was on the whole time, which means that mischievous folks like us can laugh our butts off at him.


#3 Mind Your Head

Some people just don’t care about what might happen to you – all they want to do is laugh at you. Take this lovely friend below as an example! At least he made his victim wear a helmet…


#4 A Man’s Best Friend?!

… We don’t think so. Just look at what this dog did to his owner – he pooped right on top of the heater. Can you imagine the stench in the room?! What a total disaster.


#5 Let Me Sunbathe

This group of seals were peacefully enjoying a nice sunbathing session, when out of nowhere, this big buddy decided to jump out of the water and join them. He knew there was no space for him, but still, he persisted. Then, this happened…


#6 See Ya!

You know that irritating feeling when you’re talking to someone who just won’t stop, and you really need to be somewhere?! Well, that’s exactly what was happening to this turtle below… so she decided to say goodbye to her annoying pal in a ‘subtle’ way. If only we could do this!


#7 Who Said “Go Girl”?!

Not only should they party hard with us, but friends should also be the person who comes to you and gives you advice. In the case below, one of this chick’s friends should of probably warned her: “Don’t do it… you’ll die.” But, it seems like this didn’t happen.


#8 Animal Prank

– “Hey bro, look at that!”
– “Look at what?”
– “You… falling.”
Even the animals can’t control their evil minds sometimes. This poor, poor little turtle will be stuck in the trash forever, until someone comes to help him.


#9 Fatality

This funny group of friends were trying something ‘awesome’ with their lockers, until one of the ‘friends’ decided to open the door right in the face of the other girl. Jeez, she definitely must’ve done something to p*ss her off!


#10 Feel The Heat

It was pretty obvious from the beginning that this situation wouldn’t end well, and even though he was surrounded by his ‘friends’, not one of them stopped to warn him that maybe he’d get burnt. If they were trying to prove that they weren’t good friends, they definitely succeeded!


#11 Bad Cat

You give the animal a roof over its head, feed it every single day, give it love, warmth, and shelter… and this is how it repays you. Cats definitely don’t care about humans all that much, do they? Nevertheless, we still love them.


#12 Why?!

What on Earth was this stupid fella attempting to do here?! All he did was prove to us that clearly no-one likes him enough to tell him “Don’t do it, bro”.


#13 I Don’t Care

This guy wasted a lot of time making this house of cards, only for his cat to come and bring it all tumbling down. No matter how much you might care, it’s important to learn that cats simply don’t.


#14 Just Don’t…

It’s pretty obvious that this woman would fall and burn herself, but the person with the camera didn’t try to stop her. He/she clearly just wanted to film a good ‘fail’ video to post onto YouTube.


#15 Right On Target!

What kind of friend puts someone in this delicate position just to throw a dart at the can?! It’s clear that this was bound to happen. We can’t even begin to imagine how much this hurt!


#16 OMG.

Kids are always doing stupid things, and here’s another good example to prove just that. Three people got injured in just one second. Where’s the sensible friend here to give some good advice? He was probably the one holding the camera…


#17 Good Morning

If you really love your friend, please don’t put a scary clown on his side of the bed to give him the worst “Good morning” possible.


#18 When They See The Picture…

Okay, so we have to admit that we laughed quite a lot at this one. When these two friends see the picture, they’ll probably want to kill their annoying friend with their bare hands. With a lovely friend like this, who needs enemies?!