The Funniest Hidden Signs Ever Spotted In “The Simpsons”


Let’s face it, folks – we all secretly love the long-running, internationally known television show that is “The Simpsons”. The comedy cartoon began way back in 1989, and has continued to grace our screens ever since. Although the show has changed a lot since the first episode, the fact is that it will always be totally hilarious, and say the things we’ve always wanted to say, but have never quite had the guts to. We were delighted when we found these awesome pictures of hidden signs in episodes of “The Simpsons” that we missed, for one of these two reasons – either they were only shown for a split second, or we didn’t have enough time to figure out what they were trying to say. But, thanks to the world wide web, we were able to retrieve pictures of these signs, and couldn’t believe how hilarious they were. Would we expect anything less from Matt Groening? Somehow, we don’t think so. Enjoy the article!

#1 We Were All Thinking It, But They Said It


#2 We Never Thought Of It That Way