Funniest Yearbook Quotes Of 2015


Before going out into the real world, there’s one important rite of passage every senior must fulfill: a badass yearbook quote. The yearbook quote is the graduating seniors’ last and final chance to summarize their entire high school life and a lasting way to let everyone know what you’re really about. Some seniors like to leave inspiring quotes that reflect their philosophy in life while others, like the ones below, like to have a little fun with their yearbook quotes. For your enjoyment, here are the graduating seniors of 2015 who took badassery and sass to hilarious levels.

1. And the Way Too Real Quote.

And the Way Too Real Quote

2. Futuere Evil Genius.

Futuere Evil Genius

3. Future Writer.

Future Writer

4. Mr. Nice Guy.

Mr. Nice Guy

5. Second Hardest Thing

Second Hardest Thing

6. An Emoticon Says a Thousand Words.

The An Emoticon Says a Thousand Words Quote

7. Biceps Are Importanter.

The Biceps Quote

8. Aaron the ladies’ man.

The CLASSIC Aaron Quote

9. The Disappointment Quote.

The Disappointment Quote

10. The Dobby Quote.

The Dobby Quote

11. The Emergency Quote.

The Emergency Quote

12. The Frozone Quote.

The Frozone Quote

13. Giving The Females a Chance.

The Give Females a Chance Quote

14. The Hannah Montana Quote.

The Hannah Montana Quote

15. The Inspirational Quote.

The Inspirational Quote

16. The Just a Little Intense Quote.

The Just a Little Intense Quote

17. The Krusty Krab Quote.

The Krusty Krab Quote

18. The Life Goals Quote.

The Life Goals Quote

19. The Meaning of Life Quote.

The Meaning of Life Quote

20. The Mom Quote.

The Mom Quote

21. The Netflix Quote.

The Netflix Quote

22. The Pancake Quote.

The Pancake Quote

23. The Prince Quote.

The Prince Quote

24. The Promotional Quote.

The Promotional Quote

25. The Regrets Quote.

The Regrets Quote

26. The Reluctant Farmer Quote.

The Reluctant Farmer Quote

27. The Sauce Quote.

The Sauce Quote

28. The Scientific Quote.

The Scientific Quote

29. The Truthful Quote.

The Truthful Quote

30. The Vegetarian Quote.

The Vegetarian Quote