Funny Cats Caught Collecting Weird, Strange And Useless Objects


Cats are amazing, cute and smart creatures, and that’s exactly why we love them. We have a lot of good articles showing how funny and mysterious they are, like the hilarious one in which we stated our case that cats are total ninjas. However, despite how smart they can be, cats certainly have some pretty strange behaviour that we’ve become more or less ‘used to’. These behaviours include collecting useless things in the master’s houses (or slaves, should we say), in places that we least expect it. But, the cats we’re about to show you were caught in the act, and now we are finally able to see the odd things that cats like to collect. Meow!

#1 The Ginger Collector

This little ginger rascal was clearly caught in the act. He was collecting a lot of different little objects in the house and hiding them below the sofa, but his owner found out and took this picture. Note his hilarious guilty face.


#2 Partners In Crime

These two lovely naughty cats in the picture below have a hilarious little habit: they like to collect colorful balls and tiny objects and spread them all over the floor to play together.


#3 Nerf Lover

Just like every young boy in the world, this cat loves Nerf. In fact, he loves it so much that his favorite hobby is walking around the neighborhood collecting Nerf bullets and bringing them home to keep in his favorite place.


#4 Smelly Socks

We all know that our dirty socks don’t exactly have the best odour in the world, especially after a full day at work… but perhaps that’s why cats love them so much, just like this dirty little boy in the picture below.


#5 Toy Mice

The owner of these two evil cats had a hilarious idea. He brought home a lot of toy mice for the cats to play with, but what he didn’t realize is that the cats were hiding them all behind the sofa, creating their very own mice cemetery. Cats are so devilish!


#6 Hi, Human

Look how proud this fluffy boy looks, laid in front of all the objects he likes to collect and keep in his power. They don’t know it themselves, but cats are the most hilarious animals ever.


#7 Checking Out His Collection

This ginger and white buddy is obviously admiring all the items he has collected over the last few months, unaware that his owner is right there, taking a picture of this hilarious moment.


#8 Where’s All My… Oh, Here!

Just look at this naughty little face looking his owner dead on in the eyes while he bites and destroys yet another hair tie, after his owner spent the entire day looking for them. Cats really do have no shame whatsoever!


#9 Look At My Amazing Items

This cat was quite clearly caught in the act adding another item to his collection, at which his owner found everything he had collected, and decided to share his ‘amazing collection’ with the world. He looks so proud!


#10 The Artist

When we say that one day cats will rule the world, that’s because of examples like this one below. This cute cat likes to collect all the crayons in the house and put them in his special place, perhaps because he’s training to be a great artist one day.


#11 My Stuff Is The Bomb

Look how much trash this cat collected for himself, stashing it promptly underneath the cabinet. But, his owner obviously found out what he’d been doing, and decided to shame him with this hilarious picture. Gotcha!


#12 Give Me More Socks

And how about these eyes of pure guilt looking right at the camera while he drags another pair of socks to his hiding place?! Cats never fail to surprise us with their quirky little moments.


#13 Surprise!

It seems like this little fella has built up quite a collection over the years! His surprised facial expression says it all, and we bet his owner is a lot more surprised by all the crazy stuff he’s collected.


#14 Christmas Cat

This lovely creature simply loves Christmas, just like many other cats that we already showed you here. And, to keep Christmas alive for the whole year, he decided to collect all the Christmas baubles he could find. So cute!


#15 Who Did This?!

OMG! This one is HILARIOUS. Just look at his gobsmacked face! It’s pretty clear who the little rascal was that collected all this crap and hid it inside the house. Ah, those crazy cats…


#16 The Recycling Ninja

We don’t know what this cat is attempting to do by collecting all this sh*t, but we have a guess – maybe he knows about recycling and this is the way he figured he could save the world. Either that, or he’s just weird, like most other cats. Probably the latter…


#17 Plastic Bag

Cats are really mysterious creatures, and they sure do love their plastic bags (and boxes, of course). So, it’s no surprise that this grey cat below, who has no shame at all, decided to collect all the plastic bags he could find. They’re oh so comfortable!


#18 Little Friends

This little cat has more friends than he’s ever had before, after collecting these miniature stuffed toys. Somehow, we think this last one is absolutely adorable!