Funny Cats Caught Collecting Weird, Strange And Useless Objects


Cats are amazing, cute and smart creatures, and that’s exactly why we love them. We have a lot of good articles showing how funny and mysterious they are, like the hilarious one in which we stated our case that cats are total ninjas. However, despite how smart they can be, cats certainly have some pretty strange behaviour that we’ve become more or less ‘used to’. These behaviours include collecting useless things in the master’s houses (or slaves, should we say), in places that we least expect it. But, the cats we’re about to show you were caught in the act, and now we are finally able to see the odd things that cats like to collect. Meow!

#1 The Ginger Collector

This little ginger rascal was clearly caught in the act. He was collecting a lot of different little objects in the house and hiding them below the sofa, but his owner found out and took this picture. Note his hilarious guilty face.