All The Funny Details You Loved About Your First Cell Phone


Oh, those lovable Nokia bricks.  Those things never broke down on you, this was how you first experienced text messaging and being able to talk to your friends whenever was the greatest.

1. Low resolution mirror pics

Camera phones didn’t come out until a bit later, and once you got yours you were obsessed with taking pictures of everything, but mostly of yourself. Selfies are huge now, but back then there wasn’t a front-facing camera so you had to take your selfies in a mirror. They were perfect for Myspace.


2. Tiny phones ruled

Due to all the scorn those original brick-sized cell phones of the ’80s got, everyone wanted to have the tiniest cell phone possible back in the day. Now, with iPads and tablets, we seem to be veering more towards bigger is better, but back then the tiniest gadgets were the coolest.