These Funny Dogs Have Forgotten The Meaning Of Sleeping Normally


Sleeping In The Car

Forget about falling asleep on the soft and cozy car seat! This pup clearly has a preference for the hard and rigid arm rest. We must call attention to the sleeping technique here of placing one leg through the opening in the arm rest.


Too Tired To Think Of A Better Position

It must be tiring to have four legs.  This dog gives his rear legs a rest while his chin and front legs provide all of the support.


Awkward Bed

Again, here is another dog in the rested chin position. Perhaps dog heads are heavy in proportion to their bodies? Something to google for later…


Dreaming She’s A Muse

We can’t get over these adorable short legs that are sticking up in the air as this dog dreams its way into lala land. As she still has her pink harness on, it s safe to assume that must have been one tiresome walk!


Wooden Pillow

There is a definitely a pattern here with this rested head/chin position. Although we could think of a million more comfortable places for this dog to lay its head other than a hard, wooden  nightstand.


Crazy Bed

Let’s assume this dog saw the warm sun shining outside and decided to take a nap al fresco. Who would have expected that two flower pots would have made such a comfortable bed? We would have much preferred the daisy sprinkled lawn in the background.


Fasten Your Seat Belt

This dog exemplifies the fact that dogs can truly sleep anywhere and in any position. At least this pet’s owners buckled him/her up safely for whatever exciting travels lay ahead!


If The Shoe Fits…

I guess we can imagine that a soft, old shoe would make a nice pillow? But, squeezing your head through a sandal while the straps compress your face is not our idea of a good nap. Obviously, this pup thinks otherwise.


Sleeping In Paradise

This dog has the right idea! Sleep where you eat. This dog bowl is the perfect size and if this dog wants a little munchie when roused from her nap, voila! She doesn’t have to travel very far.


Little White Plane

Ready for take off! This aerodynamic chihuahua has the perfect proportions to mimic an airplane. Those short legs and and pointed ears form the perfect silhouette for a jetliner.


The Lazy Friend

This dog is clearly killing two birds with one stone. She is probably getting a nice nap in while the poor brown dog transports her wherever she wants to go.


Legs Up!

We’ve seen many dogs sleeping with their legs up, but this dog in particular has great form! His legs are stick straight in the air, which is difficult for most dogs (and humans) to do.


Guarding The Door While He Sleeps

This dog has decided that he can play the role of door stop and security guard. He is so cute I’m sure he’d stop any burglar in its tracks.


Sleeping Like An Angel

This sweet puppy is taking one of the most peaceful naps we have ever seen. We love his little legs curled up agains his body and the soft pink tones around his puppy paws and nose. Too cute!



I’m Like A Bird

Maybe this cute dog is dreaming about flying. In any case, his legs look like they are ready to soar!


Relaxing Vibes

I don’t think much else needs to be said about this picture as we are all probably thinking the same thing. We can imagine many of the men in our lives who sleep in this same exact pose.


Bedtime Companions

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle when they are asleep? Clearly not these two precious animal friends.


Long Way Home

We’ve all fallen asleep on a long car ride home, mouth agape while mouth breathing. Clearly this dog has mastered the “ugly sleeping in the car” pose.


Just Let Me Lay Here

This adorable pup looks like she fell asleep on an office desk. Those chubby little legs must have gotten a workout based on the proximity of all of her dog toys nearby.


Yoga For Dogs

We’re not sure what yoga pose this represents, but this dog is also a fan of the chin resting pose. We have to admit, this does not look comfortable at all.


Friendly Bed

Here we have another cute, snuggly photo of two dog friends napping together. Sleeping side by side is the norm, but this dog clearly like sleeping on top of her buddy.


Just Please Don’t Cook Me

This dog seems to have found a comfortable bed in this barbecue lid.  We can’t believe how perfectly it fits around his curled up body!



Leg Press

Is this dog napping or exercising, because it sure looks like he is doing leg presses in his sleep. Regardless his form looks great!


Contortionist Dreams

We can’t imagine how this dog is comfortable sleeping in this position. With his neck and head twisted underneath his body, this kind of flexibility deserves a medal!


Roll Over, Boy

Put your paws up! This adorable pup found a nice place to sleep by the window, but it looks like he’s wedged himself between the window and a shelf. That can’t be too comfortable can it?


Deep Dreams

It’s pretty freaky when humans sleep with their eyes open. The same can be said about dogs as well.


Can You Hear Him Snoring?!

This pitbull friend is deep into dreamland. We can just imagine how loud his snoring is.


Sleeping With Mommy

This pup is looking lovingly at his sleeping mom while he tries to doze off. Based on how comfortable he looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if  he drifts of to sleep any second now.


Sweet Dreams

So dogs wedging themselves between items seems to be a a popular sleeping position. This puppy who has inserted himself between two sheets of cardboard is a first for us!


Bizarre Sleeping Position

This dog can’t decide if the floor or couch is more comfortable so he decided to lay on a little of both. We’re not sure how much sleep he will get in this position, but we are sure his hind legs are getting a nice good stretch!