Funny Fails Of Women Wearing Leggings


Are leggings acceptable as pants?  Yes or no?  We still really aren’t sure…but some people are pretty clueless when it comes to wearing leggings.  Don’t make these embarrassing mistakes.

1. The up-bum shot

Yeah…nobody really wants to see that except for perv guys and you shouldn’t want to show it off, either.  So, please untuck or cover it up.


2. Large and in charge with underwear lines

Girl, we are all about you being your best self and kudos to you for going to gym…but please do something with those giant thighs.  They’re reminding us of tree trunks.  Secondly, as happy as we are that you’re wearing underwear….we can see your giant panty lines too.  Can you fix this please?

underwear line

3. Just say roar

Sometimes a tiger’s face is just not meant to be put on certain things. The back of leggings is one of them.

 4. Whoa, Kim

There is such a thing as a camel toe…and we really don’t want to see yours.  The only good thing Kanye ever did was put a stop to this (since he makes all of Kim’s wardrobe decisions).


5. Dimply fat

So…if we can actually see the dimply fat known as cellulite on the backs of your legs– then that’s usually a clue that your leggings are too tight and therefore unacceptable to wear anywhere but in a gym.


6. Off limits

To be clear, these fashion statements should be made with properly covering shirts/tunics/jackets.  These are all a “no.”

off limits

 7. Still not ok

Nope, not eve with the white tights.  It’s still not ok to wear those.  Also, did you know that your patterned underwear is completely showing through?  Yeah…might want to take care of that.


 8. Flesh colored leggings

Not a good idea.  Ever. We literally think you are naked.  You should not wear those ever, ever again.


9. We can see your bum

And we really don’t want to. Cover it up, please.  Put it away. You look so trashy if you dress like this.


 10. For the fashion impaired

This is what wearing leggings the right way should look like.  Something (usually a shirt) should cover your crotch and most of your bottom.  Do it right–for all our sakes.