This Hilarious Teenager Became An Internet Sensation With His Uncanny Celebrity Impersonations


Liam Martin is just 17 years old, yet he has an incredible 1.8 followers on Instagram. Why? Well, the reason why he got so famous is a little odd to some of us. The teenager became well-known all over the Internet when he hilariously imitated a selection of celebrities, using materials like wigs, garbage bags and even food. A strange life ambition, we know – but the pictures are absolutely hysterical. Just to give you a taste of Liam’s escapades, here’s a selection of the 15 most hilarious photos of his impersonations. We hope this internet sensation gives you a giggle, too.

#1 Angelina Jolie In Maleficent

Okay, Liam. We’ll give you this one… the likeness is uncanny.