Too Funny To Handle: The 30 Most Hilarious Photoshopped GIFs


After the success of the article that showed you the 30 craziest GIF’s proving that Russia is a weird place, we came to the realization that you guys clearly love a GIF or two. They’re fantastic ways to express the most hilarious moments that have happened not only in real life, but in movies, TV shows and games, too. The best part of GIF’s is that we can really use our imagination and creativity to make them hilarious, and that’s exactly what these comedy stars have done below. Here’s a selection of the 30 funniest GIF’s ever found on the Internet, all of which have been touched up a little with the helping hand of Photoshop. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh. A LOT.

#1 Excuse me, Sir. Coffee?!


 #2 Hey Mr O’Neal, hey, hey…