Funny Pictures Of Ordinary Russians Who Are Actually Celebrity Doppelgangers


We all know that Russia is a very “unique” place on earth, where weird and bizarre situations happen all the time. However, what we didn’t know before is that Russia has an abundance of celebrity doppelgangers (lookalikes). We already showed you guys the funny article of weird doppelgangers from the past, and the time has now come to head over to Russia and check out the doppelgangers tehre. So, are you ready to feel seriously creeped out?! Here are 18 Russians who look exactly like the most famous celebrities from the Western world. Enjoy!

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio

This one is really creepy! Can you believe that there exists an ordinary Russian fellow who looks exactly like Leo DiCaprio?! Yes, he exists, and this likeness is simply hilarious.


#2 Vin Diesel

Not so fast and not so furious as his Western version, the Russian doppelganger of the American actor Vin Diesel has the same bald head and facial features. We’re pretty sure we’d ask this guy for an autograph if we didn’t know any better. However, unlike the real thing, this dude prefers public transport to fast cars.


#3 Scarlett Johansson

Yes, folks, even Scarlett Johansson has a Russian doppelganger! Of course, we prefer the original Scarlett, but her doppelganger from Russia definitely looks very similar.


#4 Jason Statham

The infamous English actor Jason Statham, well known for this explosive movies, has a hilarious Russian doppelganger. The only difference is that the Russian guy appears to be a little calmer, and prefers a barbecue to guns and grenades.


#5 Wolverine

Here’s a really weird and controversial Wolverine doppelganger that will make the fans cry out loud with laughter. Okay, so the original will always be better, but it’s crazy how much this guy looks like Wolverine!


#6 Bjork

Bjork is an Icelandic singer who’s well-known around the world for her unique performances and experimental music. On the right, we can see her Russian doppelganger. Okay, so she’s pretty rough around the edges, but she sure does look similar to the singer!


#7 Harrison Ford

If Harrison Ford was born in Russia, he would obviously be a crazy, drunk, homeless guy, far away from the Jedi universe of Star Wars. Unlike the real thing, his Russian doppelganger is a total failure.


#8 Johnny Depp

This Russian doppelganger of Johnny Depp is not exactly the ‘double’ of the infamous American actor, but we can definitely say that they have some weird similarities.


#9 Hugh Laurie

This Russian doppelganger of the British actor Hugh Laurie is hilariously similar to the original. It’s actually difficult to guess who the real actor is, and who the random Russian guy is. Maybe they’re long-lost brothers!


#10 Bruce Willis

Another infamous actor with a mysterious Russian doppelganger is Bruce Willis. This eccentric Russian guy looks pretty similar to Bruce, from afar!


#11 Eminem

If Eminem was a simple ordinary Russian boy, this is what he would look like. Far from the American rapper and ‘bad boy’ persona, this Russian doppelganger is simply shameful. WTF are those shorts all about?


#12 Milla Jovovich

The crazy thing about this Russian doppelganger of the Ukrainian actress and model Milla Jovovich is the fact that ‘she’ is actually ‘he’. Nevertheless, they have very similar features!


#13 The Joker

We already showed you here the weird pictures taken on the Russian subway, and just to give you guys yet another example that public transport there is strange (like practically everything else), we found this really bizarre doppelganger of the evil Joker.


#14 Chuck Norris

The legendary, immortal and God of the martial laws, Chuck Norris is just a simple man in his Russian version. Unlike the real thing, this dude prefers public transport to war zones. Despite this, the physical likeness here is insane!


#15 Barack Obama

The infamous president of the United States, Barack Obama, is probably living in a parallel universe between the USA and Russia. But, his Russian version is much older, and doesn’t mind the occasional trip on public transport.


#16 Jack Nicholson

If you think that the final destination of the legendary character of Jack Nicholson in the movie, The Shining, was to be frozen in a maze, you’re wrong. He actually relocated to Russia, and likes to take advantage of the abundance of vodka there.


#17 Tony Stark

The billionaire Tony Stark actually has an ordinary Russian doppelganger that is very similar to him, apart from the fact that he is much richer than his homeless Russian version.


#18 Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is well known in the United Kingdom from his TV show, Top Gear. In fact, he actually has a doppelganger in Russia, who just so happens to be a woman. Crazy stuff!