Funny Things People Do When They’re Home Alone


People are hilarious and strange.  Here are funny things people do when they’re home alone.

1. Pants off

It’s the first thing everyone does as soon as they get home.  The pants usually stay off too…unless you have to go outside for some reason.  That’s when #2 happens.


2. Sweat pants on

Not your cute sweatpants either….just your ugliest but most comfortable and dingy pants from high school that you just can’t seem to let go of.  You would be embarrassed to be seen in them anywhere but your house…


3. Momentary panic if someone rings the doorbell

*OMG what if it’s a murderer! …wait…why would a murderer ring the doorbell?  The bigger problem is that I don’t have any pants on and the house is a mess!*


4. Shower singing

You’re belting Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on,” at the very top of your lungs.

shower sing

5. Hallway and kitchen dancing

Unfortunately, my best moves always seem to come out when I’m alone and not at the club.

hall dance

6. Have to go to the bathroom?

The door is staying open.  Nobody’s here.  Who cares?

pee door open

7. Just eat food straight out of the fridge

I mean, who needs plates and forks when I can just use my hands?


8. Check your phone every two seconds for something interesting to happen

Nothing happens all night long.

check phone

9. You talk to the dog like he’s your bestie

And if you get really weird, you’ll make up a dog voice that talks back to you and have a full-on conversation.

hello this is dog

10. You make up victory songs

For when you wash the dishes, take the clothes out of the dryer or make the bed– you’ll start singing your own little jam.


11. You’ll play hours of useless games

So…I have things I need to get done today so I’m just going to go ahead and play Minecraft for five hours.


12. You’ll look up pointless Youtube videos and be fascinated by them

*I had no idea that’s how you perform that surgical procedure!*


13. You’ll keep all the lights in the house on because you don’t like being alone in the dark

There are scary things that come out when it gets dark.  The light keeps them away!

lights on

14. Watch crappy romance movies on Netflix and cry

With a bowl of ice cream by your side, of course.


15. Get scared by thinking of creepy scenarios in your head

Then you go climb in your bed and wait for someone to come home.


16. Work on your twerk moves

Admit it– you’ve totally watched yourself twerking in the mirror just to see what it looks like.

Cat Bed Twerk

17. You do mundane tasks– in the nude

There’s a secret thrill attached to walking around your house naked.  Try it sometime.


18. Have a photoshoot

Make yourself look really good and take five million selfies and then appreciate how amazingly beautiful you are.  Post only the best one to social media.


19.  Turn your pets into experiments

You find yourself saying, “I wonder what would happen if I did ______ to the dog?” Before you know it, you’re actually trying it.


20. Drink from the tap…or right out of the jug

There’s no more freeing feeling in the world than being able to freely drink however you’d like.