Gasp-worthy Cheerleading Fails


Cheerleaders perform gymnastic stunts, rally the crowd, and, of course, cheer on the team.  But, all their sweet cheering doesn’t account for the frequent injuries they incur.  Being a cheerleader can be pretty dangerous sometimes!  Here are 15 gasp-worthy cheerleading fails.

1. Crossing paths

When you’re tumbling, you’ve got to be sure that you’re not going to cross paths accidentally with someone else.  This can cause sudden and unexpected injuries.

1. cheer15

2. Guy gives up

Those male cheerleaders are some of the toughest and strongest around.  But everybody has a breaking point…this must have been his.


3. Dizzy much?

All those flips can lead you right into the ground, if you aren’t careful.  Instead of a wam-bam finish, it was more like wam, right into the grass.


4. Cheerleader flips vs normal person flips

So we all wish we could do a back flip, back hand-spring, tuck, aerial.  But, you know, we’re just not all cut out for fancy flips like that. It’s ok.  You do your own thing.


5. Cheerleading brings out the best in you

Wow…check out those faces…especially the one in the middle.  Cheerleading helps you to yell out and even share a little bit of your craziness with the rest of the crowd.


6. Don’t drop your pom-poms

Remember– most injuries happen when someone gets in the way of someone else.  Make sure to stay out of the line of tumbling and look both ways before attempting a cheer.


7. Slip and fall

That floor must be a little bit slippery for this cheerleader to lose her balance and footing and slide right onto the ground.  It’s ok girl, no harm, no foul.


8. Up…and back down

Ouch.  This is why you keep a safe hold on those ankles at all times and have a safety net in place to catch her.  This team does a good job of not letting the falling cheerleader hit her head.


9. Jump into it

It helps not to jump at the other person as you’re both on your way down.


10. London Bridge is falling down

This is what a pile-up on the sidelines looks like.  We sure hope everybody was ok in the end!


11. Sometimes, you just need a break

We aren’t sure what hurt this guy’s back so suddenly, but he was smart to put the cheerleader down safely and allow her to continue cheering while he sat down for a minute.


12. High kick fail

Don’t kick so hard that you end up on the ground– that’s not a great start to the day.


13. It’s ok to finish last

So, the one cheerleader fell over during the flip and got to the final pose a second late.  Well, that’s ok…better late than never, right?


14. Flip or flop

This one was a flop for the cheerleader on the end of the line who didn’t get enough spring to launch her into a back hand-spring.  It’s ok, we think she’s more embarrassed than anything else.


15. Um, ouch!

Good thing young cheerleaders are so flexible and agile or this could have been a seriously debilitating injury for this girl.  She seems to be ok, just embarrassed.