Genetic Portraits: Uric Collette’s Mind-Bending Split Face Portraits


Do you know how much you resemble your family members? Quebec-based photographer/graphic artist Ulric Collette seeks to find out in his eerily cool project called Genetic Portraits.

Collette first splits a person’s face in half and splices them together with another relative’s half-face. The result can only be described as creepy but in a fantastic way. Cousins who are different in gender and appearance pout with the same-shaped lips. Brothers who look like each other’s doppelgänger that it would never occur to you that the portrait was spliced, until you notice that one eye is hazel, and the other one pale blue. A split face shares the same full severe brows, except that is not grey yet.

Collete, a self-taught photographer studied graphic design in Quebec and is now the current art director for an advertising studio. His work has been featured in magazines (Esquire, Prism Global Investor, Prism), books (light and lens) and websites (Snap, Fubiz, My Modern Met). His work on this Genetic Portraits series was also shortlisted in the Cannes Lion, the world’s most prestigious advertising awards show.

1. Brothers – Christopher, 30 & Ulric, 29

Brothers, Christopher, 30 & Ulric, 29

2. Brothers – Matthew, 25 & Ulric, 29

Brothers, Matthew, 25 & Ulric, 29


3. Cousins – Justine, 29, & Ulric, 29

Cousins Justine, 29, & Ulric, 29