30 Brilliantly Crazy Ideas That Need To Happen Already


If you’re on the prowl for the next million dollar idea, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of brilliantly crazy ideas for products and services that the clever people of Reddit’s r/lightbulb and r/crazyideas have come up with.

We here at Bored Bug know that the world is full clever people with some genius ideas and we’ve made it our mission to make sure that these awesome concepts be heard by everyone. Seriously, somebody make these 30 brilliantly crazy ideas happen already!

1. Coolest idea ever.

A cooler way to drive back home, time-saving, and truly comfortable! Isn't that cool

2. Microwave mute button.

A mute button on a microwave will surely be a hit! Stop the beep

3. Saves a lot of hassle and STDs.

A Real Aid in Solving the ever problem of STI

4. Flesh tone band aids.

A website such as this will surely be loved by fashionistas! Not a skinny idea indeed

5. Somebody make this real please.

An added feature on booking with options for Quiet and Chat would be ideal for those who prefer not to be disturbed or be social enough

6. Not a bad idea at all.

Anti-Corruption Measure of Electing Political Candidates I nominate that such feature be elected please

7. “Fake Spoilers”

Call Google Labs and suggest this Anti-Spoiler Robots

8. An enjoyable way to learn a new language.

Call it Digital Artificial Paperbacks Available in Dual languages and Dual Mode of Reading, Front and Back Now that's reading redefined

9. This will help a lot of homeless people.

Call it Food Conservation Agency! A must-have for a greener world

10. The world needs this badly.

Call it Soda Recarbonation! How about the carbon footprints

11. A fading highlighter.

Call it the Magic Highlighter With Auto-Fade! and an auto-sell after six-months

12. Yes please.

Cancel Button would be the option to be added aside from the Emergency Call Buttons So uplifting if that feature is escalated to the manufacturers


13. I would watch this very hard.

Documentary Title Suggestion An Inside Look on the Idiocy of YouTube Commentators


14. Nice auto-stop feature.

Headphones 2.0 Added New Feature Proximity Sensor Heads up

15. Ties that match prom dresses.

Is this a better way to be more Prom-inent at the Prom Well i hope it's sold in a promo

16. A live laugh track, if you will.

'Laff Track' Machine Upgraded & Digitized Now that's not funny

17. Shazam for car troubles.

Now that's incredible for Car Mechanics do diagnose cars Car Shazamization

18. Or just make one for Bill O’Reilly.

Now that's what the TV Regulators should manage to come up to! 4Ds Decibel Detector Device for Debaters

19. This makes exercising more fun.

Now that's workout leveled up and going online Deviceful indeed

20. Poop grinder, anyone?

Now TOTO Washlet high tech toilets should include this on their next version

21. Wikipedia for machine parts.

On this way, one can easily built a home-made machine for those car enthusiasts

22. Serious string.

Seriously a silly idea to get stringed A-maceing

23. Pre-set remote control.

Shouldn't Smart TV's get smarter with Pre-Set buttons on that remote thing

24. Because everything sounds better when Morgan Freeman is saying it.

Should'nt the Speech Recognition software companies tap to Morgan Freeman and add him as up as voice over option to softwares

25. Vibrating watch.

Should'nt watch manufacturers come up with such a timely idea Now that's vibrant

26. Transparent hole punch.

The Hole Puncher about to be wholly improved! Please, this is not a holy crap

27. Mom and dad’s temper bar.

Well another way of calming out naughty kids, and training them for safety and proximity awareness

28. A very fun feature indeed.

Would you not feel delighted or rewarding if Google remarks on you that you were the first person to search on something

29. This.

Would'nt be nice if a timer is installed in your shower telling you how long water has been running

30. Great idea or greatest idea?