Genius Ideas To Steal For Your Apartment


If you live in a small space, like an apartment, your decorating options can be very limited—not just by the space but by landlord regulations and rental rules.  Here are some genius ideas to inspire you to make the best space ever!  If you want your place to look a little more like a hotel, click here.

#1 Strategically Position Lighting

Use lamps to position on nightstands, end tables, and side tables, particularly dark corners.  You can even hang plug-in wall sconces on top of sofas or hallways.

Strategically Position Lighting

#2 Include An Entryway

If you do not have a set area, create your very own with a bookcase.  You can add hooks and reposition drawers as you see fit.

Include An Entryway

#3 Move Outside Items Inside

To make colorful coffee tables even bedside tables, use colorful garden stools.  They are relatively light furniture pieces that can be shifted from room to room—much easier to carry up the apartment stairs, we say.

Move Outside Items Inside

#4 Turn A Weakness Into A Strength

Transform narrow closets or odd corners and use them as a cozy seating area or even for storage.

Turn A Weakness Into A StrengthTurn A Weakness Into A Strength

#5 Make Your Furniture Multifunctional

You can change a daybed into a couch in the morning and a guest bed in the evening.  At least when you have guests, they have an option to stay in your living room!

Make Your Furniture Multifunctional

#6 Dress Up That Window

Don’t just stick to those blinds that came with the apartment.  You can dress up your window with some statement curtains—even the DIY kind.

Dress Up That Window

#7 Opt For Open Storage

Choose open storage to keep your space more spacious.  For example, you can use an industrial metal shelving as extra kitchen storage.  You can use baskets and a couple of decorative touches to make it more fun.

Opt For Open Storage

#8 Float Those Shelves

To avoid making additional holes in your apartment and to maximize space without putting up any standing shelves, use floating shelves instead to showcase decoration and memorabilia.

Float Those Shelves

#9 Personalize With Accessories

Create more of a punch to your bedside table, even your entryway, with a customized tray.  Even add some knick knacks on top of it!

Personalize With Accessories

#10 Hide The Extra Storage

If you have a shelving unit that looks less than nice, hide it with a beautiful skirt.  This skirted-table trick can be used to conceal shoes, handbags, media components…whatever you like!

Hide The Extra Storage

#11 Focus On The Entertainment

Make your TV into a centerpiece.  You can surround it with plenty of storage or hang paneled artwork behind it to frame it.

Focus On The Entertainment

#12 Don’t Paint The Walls

If painting the walls of your apartment is not an option, paint your furniture instead.  You can paint your nightstand or bed frame with a different color and still achieve the same impact as painting your walls.

Don't Paint The Walls

#13 Use Clear Furniture

Make use of clear chairs, even a glass-top table to increase your space and make it bigger.

Use Clear Furniture

#14 Furnish That Bathroom

Introduce furniture into your bathroom and instantly find the addition of function.  A chair can be a container for towels and a small table with a drawer for storage.

Furnish That Bathroom

#15 Conceal Behind Furniture

Position furniture in corners of rooms at an angle.  This will allow you to use the space behind it to put in baskets of stuff you’d like to hid and/or store.

Conceal Behind Furniture