Genius Ways To Use Your Everyday Leftover Food


Let’s all admit it.  We tend to waste food a lot.  Even with our best intentions, we usually throw out much of our leftovers.  To help stop waste food and money, here are a couple of ways to make the most of your everyday leftover food!

#1 Spaghetti to Frittata

Use that plain pasta or even pasta smothered in sauce and eat it as a breakfast frittata!  To increase the meal’s protein value, add eggs, milk, and vegetables.  Fry them up and you have frittata!

Spaghetti to Frittata

#2 Bread to French Onion Soup

Say goodbye to stale, wasted bread!  Use a baguette or any other crusty variety.  Put one slice of bread on the bottom and one on top.  A French onion soup packs much in calcium from the cheese and a bunch of flavonoids from the onions!

French Onion Soup