Geniuses that Changed the Modern World


Geniuses, as we are made to believe, are those who have never made a fool out of themselves and had always kept their poise. We are inclined to think that they didn’t do anything that would showcase any flaw or clumsiness on their part. This, however, is the exact opposite. Even if they did change and modernize the world we live in today, here are some crazy facts about crazy geniuses that changed the world! From wearing wooden wings to jumping off buildings, and yes we believe any list would fall short unless a crazy scientist holds their pee, here are 25 geniuses that changed the modern world.

1. Pythagoras

Besides the Pythagorean Theorum one of his great ideas was that beans were so bad for you that they should not be eaten or touched. Legend has it that he was chased from his house by attackers and after coming to a bean field he chose to face his death rather than cross it.



2. Thomas Edison

Inventor of a lot of stuff…that Tesla actually invented. Anyway, he is still considered one famous person for modernizing the world. But how did he fare well in the crazy scale? Well, let’s just say he electrocuted an elephant to death just to prove how dangerous Tesla’s AC current was. Or so they say. While it may just be a myth about his electrocuting-escapade, Edison hated sleep and he was, ultimately, crazy. But, yep, anyone who hated sleep at the time, considering insomnia wasn’t a thing yet, was crazy.