Get A Giggle From The Most Bizarre And Hilarious ‘Cospoors’ Ever


You can’t find the term “cospoor” in any dictionary, so we’ll explain it to you. A Cospoor is a low cost ‘budget’ cosplay, which is when you want to dress up as your favorite fictional character without spending a lot of money on creating the costume. Obviously, cospoors don’t exactly guarantee a good-quality and realistic costume, but they sure can guarantee some good laughs. Here is a special selection of the most bizarre and hilarious ‘cospoors’ ever. Enjoy!

#1 The Genie Of The Lamp Toilet

Blue adhesive tape, a shirt, towel, black ink and a toilet is all you really need to create this incredibly low-cost cosplay of the genie from “Aladdin”. The only problem is, you can’t leave the bathroom without losing the magic lamp!


#2 Captain America

This one is hilarious, and extremely creative. All you need is a fan to make this bizarre shield, and some creativity to make the costume. This is the real spirit of the ‘cospoor’.


#3 Wolverine

And how about this bizarre version of the infamous Marvel character, Wolverine?! All you need is some yellow adhesive take and a black pen! But, um… just take note that it might take a few weeks to get your hands back to normal.


#4 Belle From The Beauty And The Beast

Here’s another creative low-cost cosplay, this time, of the Disney princess Belle from the movie “The Beauty And The Beast”. All you need is a mango pudding, and a good camera angle. We have to say, we laughed quite a lot at this one.


#5 Davy Jones From Pirates of the Caribbean

Davy Jones appears in the second POTC film, “Dead Man’s Chest” and returns in the third “At World’s End”. If you want to impress your friends by dressing up as a really bizarre version of the character, all you need is some pans and carrots!


#6 Mario Bros

All the geeks in the world will love this ridiculous Mario below. Okay, so the actual costume and scenario are terrible, but we sure did get some good laughs out of this. What a creative guy!


#7 The Thing From Fantastic Four

To make this cospoor below of The Thing from “Fantastic Four”, all you’ll need is a little help from some adhesive take and good genetics. After all, a skinny person wouldn’t look quite right dressing up as this character, would they?


#8 Taylor Swift

It’s not only fictional characters that you can dress up as for a low price – you can also make cospoors of famous celebrities, like Taylor Swift. What do you guys think? Similar? We can definitely see the resemblance!


#9 The New Batman

If you already watched the new trailer of the movie “Batman Vs Superman”, you probably noticed the brand new metallic version of the Dark Knight. And here it is, represented in a hilarious cospoor version. All you need is a good quality printer and a pair of scissors.


#10 Terminator

We confess that this bizarre cospoor of the Terminator does have its positive points, despite being hilariously weird. All you need is a computer mouse and a fake gun… and voilà!


#11 Nyon Cat

Even great memes of the Internet can be transformed into weird cospoors, just like this super low-cost version of the irritating Nyon Cat.


#12 Guile From Street Fighter

The infamous American soldier from the classic “Street Fighter” has also been transformed into a ‘poor’ version! All you need is some camouflage combat pants, some grass, and no shame whatsoever, just like the dude below.


#13 Neo From The Matrix

And how about this terrible budget version of the classic scene in “The Matrix” when Neo stops all the bullets by using only his mind? White face paint, a mirror and a few coins is all you need to be a sci-fi hero… woooohooo!


#14 Hellraiser

The young ones probably don’t know who “Hellraiser” is, so just to clarify, he is a scary villain from an old horror movie that was released in 1987. And, just in case you wanted to do a stupid yet creative budget cosplay of him, all you need is some adhesive tape and cotton buds. We dread to think how much it hurt getting all this stuff off of his face…


#15 Pluto

The infamous dog that belongs to Mickey, Pluto, has also been transformed into a bizarre cospoor. It’s not easy to make, but if you have all the right materials (boots, adhesive tape, no shame…) then you’re good to go.


#16 Nicki Minaj

This is the worst cospoor ever, but we need to confess that it’s pretty damn hilarious. Her cleavage is exactly the same! How about going to your next Halloween party like this? Totally bizarre.


#17 Anna From Frozen

Do you have two waffles like the ones in the picture below handy? If so, you’re able to do this hilarious yet horrendous cospoor of Anna from the Disney movie, “Frozen”. All we can say is good luck to you, strange one.


#18 Sandman From Spider-Man

And finally, how about this super budget version of the villain from Spider-Man, the Sandman?! Of course, he doesn’t look so terrifying in the second version, but he definitely makes us laugh. Poor cat!