Get A Giggle From The Most Bizarre And Hilarious ‘Cospoors’ Ever


You can’t find the term “cospoor” in any dictionary, so we’ll explain it to you. A Cospoor is a low cost ‘budget’ cosplay, which is when you want to dress up as your favorite fictional character without spending a lot of money on creating the costume. Obviously, cospoors don’t exactly guarantee a good-quality and realistic costume, but they sure can guarantee some good laughs. Here is a special selection of the most bizarre and hilarious ‘cospoors’ ever. Enjoy!

#1 The Genie Of The Lamp Toilet

Blue adhesive tape, a shirt, towel, black ink and a toilet is all you really need to create this incredibly low-cost cosplay of the genie from “Aladdin”. The only problem is, you can’t leave the bathroom without losing the magic lamp!