Get A History Lesson With All The Official Disney Movie Posters


Like Coca-Cola and other great worldwide brands, Disney is the major reference to the most famous animated films. The Walt Disney Company was founded by the visionary Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney on October 16th, 1923, as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Since then, Disney is responsible for the most popular animation movies, and has inspired millions of children and adults throughout the years to follow their dreams and believe in the magic of “make believe”. Now, it’s time to have a history lesson by checking out all the original movie posters of the Disney films, right from the very start. Here is a magical selection of all 53 official Disney movie posters. Enjoy!

#1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937


#2 Pinocchio, 1940


#3 Fantasia, 1940


#4 Dumbo, 1941


#5 Bambi, 1942