How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hotel Stay


From these hotel insider tricks, get the most of your next hotel stay! Note: you can still do these things you’re embarrassed to admit you do at a hotel.

#1 Always do an early check-in.

Most people, either they want or require an early check-in.  Although most hotels say they cannot guarantee an early check-in time, many housekeeping staff clean much, much earlier than the requested check-in time.  This is actually better when done at a 4-star or 5-star hotel where there is a lower occupancy given their more expensive rates.  More often than not, there will be a room available.

Always do an early check-in.

#2 Do not pay for the mini bar.

We all know it—mini bars are just begging to be used.  However, hotel insiders say that you can actually talk your way out of paying for them.  Actually, the process of finalizing a mini bar bill is very unscientific and inexact because of restocking delays, keystroke errors, double stocking, and other related mishaps, causing miscalculation.  Front desk attendants just do not want to be in an argument.

Do not pay for the mini bar.